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Adding weapons to classes?

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Good day everybody!

Is there any way of making the topic come true:)? That is, to make available, for instance, two-handed swords to dryads?

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The limiting factor is animations.  Here's what's possible so far, just by editing the scripts and/or game code:

Temple Guardian can use 2h weapons (I just copied the 1h animations)*  No bows.

Inquisitor and Temple Guardian can use shields (doesn't require any animations).

Dragon Mage can dual wield (animations copied from Shadow Warrior who shares the same skeleton).

And that's about it.

* Now that I'm typing this, I guess I could use the same trick to give 2h swords to the Dryad and High Elf.  I could just copy over their 1h animations.  It would look weird though, having them swing giant swords 1-handed.

However dual wield just wouldn't work at all.  There's nowhere to copy animations from.  Those from other dual wielding characters would distort the models of the Dryad and High Elf too much.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Your tip about Temple Guardian is most interesting, even more than the two-handed Dryad I thought of earlier:). Could you also tell me where do I find the animations to copy over?

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