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Home sweet home

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On 3/27/2019 at 4:22 PM, Methatronc said:

Hi everyone,

I wondered if it could be possible to create a mod that would make us a home somewhere in the map ? At first a simple home for everyone, then maybe a home according to whether you play a mage or a dark warrior for instance !

I'm not sure it is doable since I know nothing about modding.. If someone has such knowledge thanks for sharing it :) 

As a french player I could do the translation part if needed, and help if no special qualification is required with pleasure.

Thanks in advance !


good seeing you back.. that avatar...its SO distinct... :thumbsup: !

That would have been cool if we could have had our home in Ancaria... I wonder what mortgage rates would go for ^^




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Thank you gogoblender !

Indeed it would be pretty cool, let's open ARE ! ( Ancaria Real Estate ;) )

I hope someone could have such knowledge around here though ^^

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I agree, that would be a great idea. There is a great spot for a habitation already in the human area and it's named the "Lonely Henry." It is devoid of human traffic and is a particularly nice setup. There is even a hot spring with a bathing area to soak away ones troubles. Furthermore, it would be possible, I believe, to allow ones character to rest on beds and sit in chairs as well. There is the after-death animation for lying down already and one for sitting as one would on a mount. Ones character could then visit an inn and sit for a meal with townsfolk, then rest afterward in a cozy bunk. It would add another dimension of realism to the game!

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