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Part 4

I played the original Sacred Game and even though it says at the Sacred Wiki Web Site that Sacred 2 is a prequel to Sacred, if that is so, how comes the Seraphim not have the same combat arts from the previous game? She’s essentially the same character, same race even, so please forgive me where her combat arts for Sacred 2 makes no real sense to me. However, there is another thing, for this let’s take a good look at the two maps from each game.


Sacred Map


Sacred 2 Map

Even I can see that both maps do not remotely match up, be it if you were to use a computer program to use map 2 and take it back how many years apart the two games histories are meant to be set by. I’ll be very surprised if the results match exactly map 1. I am going to take a stab in the dark bet and this is also one of my many theories, map 2 aged backwards will not match up in any shape or form with map 1.

Please someone put that theory to the test, I do not mind. I would love to find out the results. Other Theories are:

There originally was two Temple Guardians and that they were brothers, the reason for why the Temple Guardian has the shooting arm. Whereas all of the other Temple Guardians in the Waste Lands, have two perfectly good arms. The two brothers get into a fight, not only does the 1st Temple Guardian get his arm wrenched off, he gets quite damaged too, hence why his memories are incomplete and also why when he is not wearing armour he appears to be quite weak as he stands and coughs, watch his actions carefully and you will see what I mean and to my way of thinking there has to be a reason for this, hence my idea/theory.

The Great Machine is an ancient old form of AI, so old that all and any records obtaining to its origins etc. Are lost. Being around for so long, it for some reason is losing its original power source. It detects the T-Energy that is part of Ancaria, so it goes there to collect all of the T-Energy to make it, it's new power source, also by this time there is more Temple Guardians, though I have no theories to how or why more were made other than the creator who made the first two, probably decided to make more of the Temple Guardians.

The T-Energy Consoles that reside in some towns of Ancaria and other places are meant as data collecting consoles and for somehow summoning a Temple Guardian to help the people with either information or to do certain tasks for them, this is before the Great Machine took control over all of the other Temple Guardians, all but the original model, how and why I have not figured that part out just yet.

The Seraphim Island originally belonged to the War Dragons and it looked a whole lot different before the great volcano of that place erupted, or something else happened, which virtually almost devastated the entire land, hence why there are various ruins on the land. Lastly, The Waste Lands was not originally a waste land, originally it was part of a desert land, but there was also fields, lakes etc. Back in the time before the Great Dragon War and it is that very war in which how and why it became a waste land.

I hope that you all liked my info about me, this game and my theories/ideas and my little tip on the Armour and Weapon Modifications for this game. Feel free to ask me anything about my experiences that I have with this game, or about my theories etc. I would like to know what you all think about them etc. Until my next post, please be kind and good to one another. Peace, always.


Amy aka She Hawk.




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Steve, thank you so, so much, and you are so right, silly me, it had not occurred to me that the map of Sacred could be another part of the Sacred World. I have left you a reply on your Journals, thank you for sharing that link with me. I appreciate that beyond mention and your right, it does seem and appear that the High Elves and the Humans cannot get along with each other, which I can so relate to as even in this modern day world, sadly some people cannot get along with others and not just other people like myself, but anyone that is remotely different, it's quite a shame really. Thank you for saying that my theories make sense and I am happy to welcome other peoples theories too, as I truly want to engage in what I hope to be a very interesting topic that we all can share. Much sincere respects to you Steve, again thank you.

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You are welcome indeed, Amy. I shall have to check out your Sacred Archives Part 2 later after work.

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By all means Steve check out Part 2 when you can. Heads Up, I am in the middle of putting together an idea concept for a possible additional character for Sacred 2 Gold, I will be posting that once I have finished it. And I am not worried if new characters cannot be made for the game, but at least the idea within itself, is an interesting one.

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