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Items drop for alt characts increased?

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I have started playing Sacred 2 after being disappointed with the most recent arpgs. I have to say it's much, much better than Sacred 1 at least.

I have started playing Seraph and decided it's going to be my main character for a while, but I did create two other: dryad and shadow warrior. Suspiciously at least half of my set item drops are for dryad and shadow warrior, but not the other characters. My question: is the drop rate for alts you have created increased? If yes then follow up: if I delete them will the drop chance increase for my main character?

Or maybe it's just confirmation bias? 

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Hello and welcome.

It's just your imagination.  There's a line in balance.txt that controls the chance the item dropping is for your current hero. 

IsUsableByHero = 700,

So, 70%.  You could increase it to 1000 to get 100% chance.

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