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Sacred Undeworld Downloads - Amazone model

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Amazone model

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My 1st post here idk what to write but I've made a few skins (recolored some too) so here is one of them the ,,Amazone" for the battle mage. the animations are changed too the only probelm with this model, is that the mage casts slower than before. I also extracted Baroness and Princess Vilya skins if any of you want them, please give me a sign.


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Hi, thx not yet but I will now.... maybe I saw those reskins but forgot about them... Of course I'm interested I didn't find out how to change portrait so far...  It's my first time making a post here so I'm pretty lost XD. So I could use a guide with this page :D

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You´ll need an unzipper to gain access to Sacred´s *.pak files. Depending on the file you want to decompress, it might take a
while. Watch a soccer match, walk the dog, or give your wife´s feet a massage (we all know it pays). Here are the links:
Texture Extractor: (Use this one to change the portrait)
Model Extractor:
Granny Viewer:

Yesendra did the Demon & Seraphim reskins but won´t be here for a while. I hope to see her again in January. If I remember correctly,
the Philippines are currently getting battered by a Typhoon. I hope no one gets hurt!

I´ve added some backgrounds to Ysendras Dark GUI and currently I´m on it to fresh up Combat Arts and spells. I´d like to take a
look at bridles and horses after that. After both projects are finished, sounds are next on the list. That´s an enormous project,

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