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Sacred2 Gold Pet Mod.s

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I have an apskel Kohorte' pet mod in the workings for version 2.65; based on a Steam file script folders build only/exclusively; with that said I suggest; always to back-up script folders to another place like yur documents folder, or sumthing, I chose an older Toshiba 40gb. laptop drive that was sitting in 1 of my bays; apparently.> and I wasn't using for anything else/clean...> but I am holding u   up from these wrantings lets go...> My world or environment consists of an Infusion of T-energy not just in the soil; dripping into; but infused into the creatures in the surround; Therefore our heroes can also summon the creatures with their buff spells upgrade slots 1&2 forxtraX1s and possibly rid them of the source(s) of this Nature's Corruption!!!...>>>  I guess I am only allowed 2.0 mb and my .zip file of the scripts folder is over; so maybe u can pm.> me for a download or sumthing, if any1 still plays this game and is interested/& or following my pets mod.s sht. peace... This pet mod. for version 2.65+++ is an ongoing project but my basic modifications of script, which there were also mistakes in the original .txt based code that I also remedied.> anywho>>>if there is any1 out the that still loves and plays and tests their script pet mod.s folder out for x3 months; straight, then let me know...>ok update it let me upload under my acct. under sacred2gold mod.s and patches; and my file / folder is named: SkWarVuDu265beta.zip, it is only the scripts folder to the game so save the 1 u got in there now to somewhere else and copy mine over; u will likey I am atleast 90% sure of it; save the critix...>>>


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My upload barely exceeds my limit of 2mb.
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I have a .zip scripts folder only file ready to upload but; it says my max is 2.0 mb. and I believe the whole scripts folder to Sacred2Gold is more so it won't let me; but if u wisht the lil dragon mage dragon would attack sumthing instead of just a mundane buff then I have a pets script folder only .zip for alluvus!!!...>and more I have edited most of / all the catype buff spells to spawn helper pets, based on the creature.txt. ID# and grafting the sk_warrior spell kohorte' to the end of all of/ or most catype buff spells.>

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@AdministratorOne  Hello to you!  I seem to recall with the previous release of your mod, you had uploaded the entire scripts folder, when in reality, only a small number of files had been edited.  Perhaps you can try packaging only the files that you edited and uploading them.  That should reduce the file size considerably.  :smile:

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