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Draw Distance/LOD

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               I have downloaded the mod to give it a shot. I have the steam version of gold along with the current build of the CM patch. The mod installed with the enabler as instructed. The game starts and runs perfect but the draw distance is very bad. In the games stock form you can stand and see everything in front of you. With this mod installed if you just stand there anything past, say 100 ft away is unable to be seen. In the attached screen you can see nothing is visable past the trees. I`m not sure whats causing it, all setting are set to max and I see no topics or bugs related to it.


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Correct.  You're not seeing less, you're seeing more.  The game normally wraps everything in thick fog so you can't see three feet in front of you.  As it turns out, this is because it barely draws anything beyond the fog.  I've asked @dimitrius154if it wasn't possible to increase the draw distance some but it doesn't seem possible.


If you would like to restore the vanilla fog, you would need to delete the texture files located in the following directory of the mod:  pak\graphics14.zip\hq\env\lighting

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Yeah that pop in was killing me. It`s been years since I`ve played the game and I do not remember the fog being like this. Didn`t the game have a lot less fog on release? I can swear they patched the game to have more fog to improve performance cause this was pretty intensive back when it came out. But I can swear the draw distance used to be longer when this came out.


Actually I still have the retail disc from when I bought this on release day. I`m half temped to install it and see if the fog distance is any different with an uptached and un updated version.

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2 hours ago, Flix said:

if it wasn't possible to increase the draw distance some but it doesn't seem possible

It's possible, but, due to innately shoddy memory management, the game quickly becomes unstable, then CTD's. What we have now is a solution in balance.

[EDIT] I'm not sure, if it's applicable here, but there's a 'mirage' drawing technique, that dupes the observer into thinking, that he sees objects int the distance, while in fact there's a 2D picture.

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