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I had the bad feeling that I am too young for pop but too old for techno yesterday. My mother in law was babysitting because we wanted to visit the birthday-party of a friend. The daughters were watching a music channel and listening to Scooter:"The question is what is the question". While listening my mother in law said that the remake sounds more funny, but that the original was more romantic if sung with young people at a campfire in her youth. She put the guitar of our oldest and started to sing the original. I never know that she was this good in guitar and singing.




Mouth and McNeal in 1972

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Have been in a folky mood for a while but have gravitated back to the ways of metal.  I will say, the French know how to make some amazing videos.  Works of art in themselves.    

BAND MAID. Hard rock. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJToUvYrmkmTCR-bluEaQfA

I remember my daughter driving to a concert in czech republic with a czech girl from university. She wanted to visit it for 'In Extremo' and came back with 'Powerwolf' disc. Album made number one

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Listening to the Italian experimental prog-band Antonius Rex.

This album is from 1974. They created this sound under the moniker Jacula in the late 60's.

Truly ahead of their time.

They were pretty much the first band to mix pipe organs with heavy electric guitars, creating a sinister occult feel to their music.



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This should be perfect for halloween.

It's played on an instrument called a theremin, which takes great skill to master.

I found this odd little guy on youtube playing the instrument on several videos.

The theremin creates your typical ghost/alien sound effect when played. Don't tell me you haven't heard it before ;)


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And again after a long break I've installed Team Fortress 2, picked my good old "Epic Rocket-Launcher", asked my friend who plays medic all the time to back me up, joined favorite server, capped some points, killed some people, stolen lot's of flags. And that was fun thanks not only to the nice gameplay, but also to the really good music, they've composed for this game. Here's a TF2 main menu theme:

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The most crazy dance I ever did was Calypso from the german 1965 TV-Series Raumpatrouille (space patrol). At my final year at highschool the series was redone and a local discotheque did a 'space night theme'. While most people arrived as startrek people, our class did Raumpatrouille dancing and we won free concert tickets for whole class. Don#t laught, but we were really dancing this way. The series was very good, but a) german, b) black and white, c) american commander and russian first officer at a cold war time, d) low budget (house hold tools as control elements in cockpit), ...

But it was and is cult. Pieces of the series were re-cut and made it to the cinema's again a few years ago. Roland Emmrich (Inderpendance day regisseur and co-writer) said his interest for SciFi was because of this series


English trailer to the movie


And the dance


It looks like perfoeming gymnasitic exercises as a dance, again germans lightyears advanced in culture and music ;)

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I found a video on youtube that was about an easter egg type thing in Skyrim. Not to go into detail about that but in the background was a song by a group called Mozzo Kush


The song that was on the Skyrim video is this one:



The guys might make pretty cruddy videos but I like the music.


It is also available as a free download from the site I linked above.

Well I liked that song enough and the others on the album to buy it.

The group as a pretty good range of styles.

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I'm lurvin' Lana Del Rey atm. Big voice, beautiful songs, and stunning looks. She's got the lot, IMHO.


One thing though, she simply has to step up on her vid's. Pretty naff, for where I'm at. She doesn't have to go all Michael Jackson and spend billions on her vid's, but a bit more imagination would go a long way.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these as much as I do:-







Steve. :)

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I'm listening to Adele, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert most f the time, throw in some t.A.T.u, queen, and top 20 hits from the past 15 years...




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Our oldest will leave for university in 3 month. So I am getting sentimal when 'Universum' by 'Ich und Ich' is played in the radio.




English translation of the lyrics




I know what you dream and most of the times what you think

I know you

I see if you are happy about something or sad

I know you so good


You know more about me than anybody else

I know I cling to you forever

You can fly to the distance, through Mongolia

Dive into the deepest depths, feel free

The universe expands

You can climb every peak

Swim to all islands

In your heart I am with you anyways

Because I am forever your home


I'm happy to see you, I don't want to change you

I let you be

No problem in sight, there's nothing better than this

I let you be the way you are


Good journey, good journey

A year passes like a moment and come back healthily

Good journey, good journey

No border which separates us and come back healthily


You can fly to the stars, past the Orion

Dive in Marianengraben and feel free

The universe expands

Climb the Mount Everest

Swim up to Iceland

In your heart I am with you anyways

Because I am forever your home

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