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Levels at which you get new skills

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Hi Everyone

I was reading some of the guides and they mention picking a new skill at level 80.

However, my Seraphim is now level 80, but no new skill...

Is there any new skills after level 50?


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I just read another guide, but this time for a Seraphim and there it looks like the last skill is at level 50. I was quite sure on some battlemage builds they mention level 80...


The main reason actually is that I don't have trading as a skill and was wondering how useful it is. Can you get green set items through merchants with that skill?

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level 50 is the last skill you get. You can use Ufos Hero Editor to change skills if something went wrong somehow. Trading is quite useful, but it is better to create a special trading character, a dwarf for example. He can pick the Trading skill very very early. After your trader bought the necessary gear, swap it in a MP session and give it to your main char.

The skill itself lets you generate tons of money which can be useful if you work with the take-gold-instead-of-health modifier. Depending on the amount of points you have put into Trading, the merchants offer better gear, sometimes 1-3 yellow items. Rings and Amulets are your best bet. You cant buy uniques, or set items.

There is a special mission that generates two traders that got new gear every time you talk to them. Braverock Castle, right in the middle of the market place. It works in Porto Vallum too, there is an abducted trader in a cave near the river. Just bring him home and talk to him. His counterpart is a few meters to the south.    

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