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Kingdoms of Amalur THQ Nordic Remaster

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It's ok so far.  Just completed the tutorial dungeon.

It's sharper and clearer.  The textures and even a few models got some touch ups.

The problem is the severe drop in performance is not proportional to the increase in visual quality.  It's SEVERE.  My formerly silky smooth game is now herky-jerky.

EDIT: I guess I should say this - the game was ALREADY gorgeous to start with.  I just played the original all the way through a few months back, and often had to just stop and gaze in awe at many scenes. This wasn't a game whose graphics needed help.  It was a game that need one or two more balance patches and some bug fixes.  It seems we got that, but at a price.

Original (80 FPS):


Re-Reckoning (30 FPS):


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I'm actually starting to wonder if Kaiko fixed any of the bugs in the original at all. There's been a lot of complaints on steam about this remaster and I think most of them are justified. I'm one of the fortunate ones who hasn't experienced any major problems yet, but I didn't in the original either. Now if I actually had a modern/good computer and was experiencing really bad performance, I'd probably be a lot more salty :lol:

I'm keeping my expectations low in regards to product support and the upcoming DLC (THQnordic doesn't have a stellar track record, IMO), but I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong. I'm not even sure if they are able to fix a lot of the outstanding bugs from the original.

Despite my negativity, I don't really regret rebuying this. Getting rid of region level-locking makes this came much more enjoyable. Level-locking has to easily be the worst idea ever conceived in an RPG.


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4 hours ago, Perdition said:

Despite my negativity, I don't really regret rebuying this.

Same here.  My rig is old anyway and I'm playing at 2k res.  I'm sure with decent hardware I could get it up to a smooth 60 FPS.

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I got 15 hours in so far and haven't experienced anything too horrible so far. I'm also a cautious gamer (as I was in the original) and I make hard-saves frequently. Just gotta remember not to dig up those graves with those death notices that you can't remove from your inventory. I don't think that bug has been fixed yet.

I'm really starting to think this reissue was pushed out the door a few months early. They probably should have released it at the same time as the DLC, but I guess they needed the money in advance :lol:

I'm hoping there will be a significant patch next week. There's one really annoying bug where that chest in Gorhart has all the items in it stuck at lowest level (the one with all the DLC items). I deliberately tried to avoid it until level 12 or so, but nope, all level 1 anyway *shrug*

I'm noticing levelling does seem a bit slower - probably a good thing overall. It kinda sucked being overlevelled by the time you hit that Gnome area. I guess I may be more aggressive with using trainers + fateweaving than before. Either that or try a universalist for the boost to all skills.


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