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DarkMatters - Member Picture Thread

Guest gogoblender

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I always get a chuckle when I see a person's pic after knowing them a bit on-line. I guess subconsciously you get a preconceived idea of what they look like. And it's never even close. Almost the same thing when you learn the person's real name.


Great pic erling, totally different from what I thought :o


Wondering if I should post one of me.............nah.......would scare ya'll. I look like a Hell's Angel biker right now

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Great pics Jun!


Hey, tell me honestly...is there ever a time when you're not smiling?


The pics show great spirit with you, your wife and your friends.





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Awh really great to see more faces on the forum! :gogo:


lol @ best friends best angle stubbie. Fantastic family photo but... Is that WATER you're holding?! :cool: Haha.


Lookin mighty sporty there Anestty. Must be all that surfin. I think the necklace says it all though eh. :bow:


Erling! You look exactly as I had imagined you, lol. Is that a "Most Wanted" poster? :3lmao:


Wonderful pictures cykes. You two really do look great together. :hugs:

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Ohhh very nice pictures you got there. Both of you :gogo:


P.S. "totally different from what I thought"...Same here. :3lmao:


I was also thinking of sending a picture, but I think it can wait some time more...a few years perhaps.

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-_______- c'mon tomi :bow: I did it, now u should :help:


PS: yesh schot I edited the gun in my hand away... and the reward underneath it :P

Edited by Erling
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feels really old that I know what gogo is referring to but 13 yr old teenager looks at me strangely when I asked if he knew what a-Ha is ....

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hey Morten is from norway so him I heard of :)

oh and I dont think I heard I look like him before :P but I dont mind bcos I think his been in somekind of sekssist man magazine :4rofl:

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I actually wondered if I should post or not, but I thought maybe this thread is gettin very old ^___^;; Oh well. It's up on DA, but no one other than members can see it, so here goes:




:4rofl: I know it's small and I'm hiding and such... but trust me it takes a lot to get me to stand still and not run away when a camera is pointed at me :P

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Gosh KerLynx.......you look very much like my 18yr old daughter in a photo.......

Very pretty.......but with attitude :P


Thanks for posting and feeling comfortable enough to share your pic with us :)


and for everyone else, heres an updated pic of myself :4rofl:

Notice the wrinkles in the tracksuit top?......thats from all the weight that has gone bye byes.



Almost under the 100kg mark now. Its been a hard slog but I'm still determined to lose more.


I don't know if I will make the 86kg mark that is supposed to be my ideal weight.

I'm trying to hit a delicate balance here. I want to lose enough weight to be reasonably fit but I want to be able to enjoy the excesses of life.


I love my beer, my bacon and eggs and my chocolate ice cream.

Those guys just have to realise that these days they must exist with Mr Treadmill ;)



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That's a great pic Stubbie. And count each one of those wrinkles in the tracksuit as a salute to your success. Well done! I understand how finding a balance can be testing. Especially when considering that this "balance" is an every day thing. When looking at a hamburger, it's not only just about how it's going to taste, but also about it's impact on the rest of our life. I remember there was a year when I was eating so much junk food and also gained some weight...and getting it off was tough to do, becuase I had "learned" that I enjoyed the benefits of snack food tastes, and I had to re-learn and be convinced of the benefits of deeper repercussions and impacts of how what I ate and did would affect my energy levels, work productivity and basic wellness.


It's great hearing that you're on a roll and, most importantly are aware and actively working towards this balance of instant satisfaction v.s. the benefits and long term rewards of a great lifestyle.


You'll soon be posting your mile run stats ^^


Great you got the pic up Kery, more faces to the names!





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awh hoped for another pic than the one at DA Kery :)

anyway you're still lookin good and pretty and all that... on the same picture ;)



and stubbie, u look great! u look fit there :P

Edited by Erling
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Maybe I should find a pic of me with my 'biker' beard :P There is a goatee in that pic though my hand covers it up.


Ya know I had pictured Schot with more hair too :4rofl:

Edited by Knuckles
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Ya know I had pictured Schot with more hair too :Just_Cuz_21:




That's it! You just wait and see what I do to yer photo dude! :hugs:


Great photos folks! Really nice to see you all. :(

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That's an awesome pic Knuckles. For some reason, it seems to be how I'd pictured you as well. You look like...a dad!

Guess your writing is that good huh ^^

Regarding spandex and you.... nope





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Ya know I had pictured Schot with more hair too :hugs:


My old bowling ball had more hair than schot........and that's after it was polished! :Just_Cuz_21:

Anyhoo........bald is supposed to be the new fashionable sexy look...........hows it working so far schot?



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