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I tried playing with a premade level 75 and then 125 character but this removed all the enjoyment of this game for me

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After making a level 125 character, I was pretty much stuck farming bosses only as I had no gear as well and couldnt build up any set items even with maxed out Enhanced Perception and over 500% chance to find valuables.

I decided instead to start as normal at level 1 but with unlocked difficulties instead, and also to try a new character idea which is dual wield daggers on a seraphim with all points into Dexterity and just spamming pelting strikes and constitution based with just the battle stance buff.

The only issue now is that I made this build with the idea of wanting to use two Ileas' Dirks, but I dont even have any of them, but I was able to dupe a pair of drumsticks to begin with, and also wanted a pair of Officer's Sabers too and split my stats between STR and DEX if necessary, but I need to also find one first then dupe it.

One of the community patch dagger sets also has a Increased survival bonus dagger too, but again getting one is the problem, and it doesnt look like there are any cheat ways to spawn me an officers sabre and ileas dagger to use :(

I was actually too obsessed over my theory craft of fastest attack speed build that I forgot I actually need the items first oops.


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15 minutes ago, Androdion said:

Try looking at the download section, most (if not all) uniques are there for download. Same for sets and legendaries.

You mean download into a saved game? Like how?

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Via shared chest. What you download is a file for the shared chest in the game, so you just move the items from it to your own. The same way that you can share items between different save games.

Be sure to backup your own file though.

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Normally you can play without the need of special items the first difficulty. Then the time you need to levelup gets more and more. But you also have more and more time to find items.


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Personally I tried using downloaded items in the past, but that actually killed the joy of the game for me. In the end these kind of arpg's, aren't they for seeing your character slowly grow stronger, looking for the gear that you theorycrafted for and pondering on how to perfect your character? Well at least that's what gives me the most from an arpg and of course to have that in coop with like-minded people.

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Well, it is true that the game is slow going. I mean, if you know what you're doing and you're playing a good build, silver and gold are essentially tutorial-level difficulties. I've had the urge to skip them as well. However, yes - that kills the game for me. So - just enjoy them instead. It's a beautiful game. 
What I usually do to make silver and gold more interesting is play more obscure and sub-optimal builds. Listening to audiobooks is also fun during the easier parts of the game. :)

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There is a big difference between single and multiplayer. A high optimized character doesn't need a team. The most fun in multiplayer is to start with empty chests and help each other with found items. And it robs fun if a character can solo all.

So if we play lan at home, the rule is: empty chests at start, a character should have at least 2 (latest was 4!) general skills,...


If I play solo, I try new variants. Like my latest D2F Barbarian, who is not allowed to do any melee/ranged hit for the whole game. No recharging of the warcry tree with reg per hit. I start empty chest to proof the concept, Reaching hell difficulty I will choose what I think is best from all the stuff collected in 12 years Sacred2 to help Flix balancing his mod.

My Singer Barbarian is level 99 now and in the swamp in nightmare diff. Never died so the opponents are level 113.


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Playing with pre-made toons, downloadable chests and whatnot is indeed a buzz killer. It's fun for the first few hours when you get that "demigod" feeling, but after that the motivation is gone. I see it today as more of a test-drive for what an optimal build should be. I used blank toons to try different configurations at mastery level to see how some CAs would progress or how some toon design would behave. But now I actually do all that on the drawing board and play from level 1.

It's kind of the same with building your own shared chest for your other builds. If you play a toon with Enhanced Perception from the start you can pretty much fill a bunch of other toon's chests with starting goodies. Same with Bargaining and some high-level item convertible to gold at level 2. The thing is, the game allows that so it's just a matter of what gives you more fun. That's the main idea with the game, to have fun with it. At least to me it is. :)

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I found downloading items killed a lot of fun for me, but I had absolutely zero luck ever finding any legendaries (and I didn't like doing a lan/multiplayer to farm bosses over and over). Probably explains why a BFG seraphim is my most played character. :lol:

I don't think I could ever use a pre-made character though - that would really kill things for me. The hook for me with these games is the process of leveling. Its strange how  I can use a character editor with some other RPGs and it doesn't totally ruin things for me. This one (and any Diablo-like) is another story altogether though.

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