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Sacred Guide: Trading, Time and the Bigger Picture

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

heh, I just found this thead I'd written a while back on my newly discovered joys of trading.


The link to Clan Da's site where the post was put is here complete with all commentary from Da:




And here is the original Post regarding the joys and wonders of Trading...if you've got the time. :4rofl:





what can I say?

Trading has changed my game.

If you're good with it, know how to apply it, have a pretty good understanding of builds and a clear idea of the road your toon has to take...then trading is definitely for you.

My level 119 seraphim has 219 trading.

The suit cost a fortune.

The toon was broke through most of her life.


I can with trading ...Change my entire build.

Interesting, huh?

MY Widd build, the reason I took trading, is coming along nicely, I'm able to give back to the community what I was taking, and have even gotten better at being able to see an item that I think WON'T be useful...and then...lol, kinda like a puzzle by simply rotating the piece...find that it fits perfectly into my toon's build needs.

Practice does that

And lemme tell you...once you start trading...you're gonna get a LOT of practice shoppin .

Trading well and efficiently takes time and preparation.

You've gotta have it maxed if you wanna get the benefits early on (lol, I guess I'm greedy...fer all these levels the only thing in my mind was...get trading higher, get trading hither!)

This means every level goin up putting at least one point into it so that it stays maxed.

And...you've gotta spend time making your trading suit.




That's what costs so much...and that's what takes so much time.

But when you're there...all of a sudden...by seeing the way that items are re-arranged by the game...you realize that your builds can become much more streamlined and efficient because as the quality of items that you can purchase within a small time gets better...yer able to consolidate a larger number of your abiliies into fewer and fewer sockets.

If yer life leech was, let's say, coming from four sockets with five percent each.

NO problemo

Switch all yer life leech needs to two sockets of NINE percent each.

Def ammies is the same way...yer able to find ammies of higher level faster, and when yer trading gets REALLY high...you can find, like I have...def ammies of 121 PLUS five percent life leech.

All the things that you PREVIOUSLY thought were categorized and could only be found strictly on so and so item begins to change...


And trading changes that.


Trading makes it so that almost ALL the mods get mixed up on a large variety of rings and ammies.

I never saw the scope of what the game generates until I gave trading a chance, created that suit and let loose in the shops.

The trading skill releases the computer from it's restrictions concerning putting certain mods on certain ammies...certain mods on certain rings.

Now, all of a sudden...not only does the DEGREE of the mod increase...but the place where such and such a mod can be found is much, much larger.

lol, this pretty much means that if yer lookin fer crit rings of +10...yo'uve gotta check ALL the rings that are generatee...because a high level of trading forces the item generator to increase the odds of putting that mod on a LARGER variety of items.

The thing is...let's say you have an hour to play...in the old days...I could probably get up let's say five levels in an hour.

Now...in that SAME hour...let's say I do trading fer half of it...I can go up seven or 8 levels in that samehour...simply because all of my melee/action time is more efficient!

It's about getting better returns on a limited number of sockets.

About making a fewer number of sockets regarding a particular skill produce a higher yield.

lol, well...that's what it's about if you take it seriously.

And...if you're ready to spend the time on this skill...lol, it's the only one in niobium that will still give decent returns.


Think about that


At niobium...pretty much all the skills roi have petered out...and all we're looking for at that point...isequipment...

Well...guess what skill allows you to change ALL your equipment...

On demand...

And to your taste...

And degree...depending on how much time you want to invest in this skill and and THEn shop.

This is the reason why I"ve got almost 500 percent WIDD at level 119

The reason I can cast a level 150 rbol with a regen of 5.4 seconds (lol, you've never seen so many +6 and +7 rbol rings stacked in such few pieces of armor! )

And I say now...I understand why all the game vets have this skill...

DAgnabbit why did it take me so long!


Rooster, Tetrol, Schot, JonnyX, Sdraken...

lol, I'm sorry.

Cuz as it turns out...

You guys were right.





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Cool post GoGo! and one I should have paid more attention to years ago LOL...I was never one for using trade effectively...probably much to the downfall of some of my toons!


Now with my new BM trade is a must and is getting plenty of TLC and points and the result is amazing as you say all those ami's, rings etc for socketing....and how few of them drop in the game without it. It has totally transforming my game tbh!


Even though the demon doesn't have trade I can still use a trader toon to shop for her....Now to start shopping for that trading suit...omg...see's all the gold start to vanish...but the results will be well worth it!


You know even at low levels I can now help a baby char I might make with the trading I have been doing with this bm :butcher:


Trading rocks!!

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Started a new BM in bronze and focussed on trading - this led me to race through Silver in no time and nothing really gave me any resistance ! Now I'm in gold and struggle to find a good fight ! I just can't seem to find enough +trading rings/amys !! :hugs:


Now all I need to figure out is : Since playing Sacred I only ran into a game-stopping-bug only about 4 times... buuuuut just after finding a reeeeealy great unique ring and just before saving... :)! :drinks:

I got stuck in a tree :3lmao: in Silver with my new mage just after finding a '+ 30% finding special items' ring ! :drinks:

Perviously I got stuck in a tree (again) with my seraphim while performing a combat kick and a shaman trapping me mid-air... I lost my very first seraphim set item... whatever it was...

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  • 10 months later...

I recently realized that when I've lost interest in a character (around level 100)... the time to put them aside has come.


They've run out of steam... and leveling becomes a bit of a bore... time to try a new character, in a different class.



Then... when the time is good and ready, I come back to the character.



And shop.


And shop and shop.


I'd focussed on "To All Magic Spells: +1" and "To All Combat Arts: +1" for my bronze characters and never considered that Trade at about level 100 yields CA/Spell values at +19 in Platinum as a maximum for each item. Each item.


I can do the gogothang of having a level 1 combat art convert into > character level combat art just by shopping for a few hours.


That means: I can read one of each CA/spell and convert my character from using any build to any other build! Just by shopping for it! (Skill support will still be needed, but the regens could be managed by RSM/Regen Spells and CA/Spell minimization I suppose).




For instance. I needed to test Wolf Companion for a high level Vampiress. I hadn't been using the CA at all for my level 107 Vampiress. So, I read a rune, and then started shopping. After about an hour of shopping I was able to boost that CA to level 95 (which put the wolf level over 300 at night, and 279 during the day).


Imagine. A new CA brought up to (and beyond) the level needed for Platinum by a few hours of shopping.


And this is without shopping for rings/amulets at all... just armour and weapons! At Platinum level, I'm sure there are significant socketables and around to really make the levels go through the roof!






I was asked by PM what level Trade my Vampiress has. She is char level 107. I suspect, (but don't know 'cause I haven't played her in a while) that her Trade level is 107 invested, with probably almost 0 boost from equipment. I haven't focussed on MF, so don't have the necessary +X skills uniques, nor many of the +X all skill items that come from sets.

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  • 3 years later...

Followed a spider t this little treat all wrapped up in old webbery. Cool how trading was cool even back then huh





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How nostalgic. :) Can still remember the countless hours used while shuffling in Bravemart and all. :P

Just got reminded that I lost all, daggone! all saves due to the hd failure some time ago.... :(

Should go and make few surefire backups of the saves, especially Sacred 2, for which I've poured countless and countless of hours.

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How nostalgic. :) Can still remember the countless hours used while shuffling in Bravemart and all. :P




This is one of the biggest things I missed. Just keeping the toons locked in place in bravemart, and then chatting it up with the guys while we were all shoving in and about trying to keep our contact points on the traders.


Apparently... a dev has said that the setup of them so close together was an exploit.


Aw, c'mon





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Hrm... the dirty word... (exploit)


I have to say that 'bravemart' is exploit-able... and that really, to each their own, and if you want to spend 100 hours of your life re-setting merchant inventories and buying good equipment, go for it! I do appreciate that there is the option to do that without the "extra" time it would take to get to another merchant (ie running/riding to another merchant) to re-set inventories.


What I really mean, I guess, is that equipment is generally the most important part of a toon's makeup. People are going to find a way to exploit this fact, via a myriad of ways. I am glad that with the Sacred series, we can get good equipment without modifying game files, or buying it from somewhere/someone.

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It just seemed so genius to me that the devs would have set something up so wonderful at bravemart, with all of the amazing social ramifications.


With two traders so close to each other...in the old days on the hc servers, that little watering hole was like the online hang out...everyone sitting around for hours just clicking and clicking, drinking beer, eating food, coffee...lol better than tv!


I've never played slot machines, but...dang this sounds close!





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From a person who sometimes provided gear bought with Trading for new characters, I never minded that it took time to get good gear even with designated Trader toons. With Trading maxed out and a fully filled Trader suit, at higher levels Trading still provided opportunities for good magical or rare gear.


P.S. - I still have the Trader toon, but converted it to softcore for my current Single Player sessions. I'm replaying a few toons in SP that I felt could be built better.

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