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Step up fer yer Internet Speed Test

Guest gogoblender

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wow from what I saw I have a pretty fast connection in my contry compared to others :)


edit: the test was made with a crappy wirelles connection from my work place, I have 27/4 mbs at home

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it is really unrealistic (for what I pay).

I just got luck at that moment I guess. Maybe they were testing something, I clicked on speedtest on right time :agreed:

It should be around 25-40 mb/s maximum (I guess)

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Got this off my Droid! not bad for 3G. plus I was running Pandora radio at the time.




Never thought of doing it off my phone!


I'll put some posts up then do the test and post back.


I'm curious to see how much speed my phone has as well.





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I pay way to much for this wireless lack of speed!


May be time to complain. They say they offer the fastest in the Nation.


Think Not!


I remain, ;)


EDIT: after cleaning up the registry, test came back with these results...



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