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Starting new game, Bronze vs Silver?

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Many games have difficulty sliders but only to make the game harder, not affecting the reward. Starting Sacred Gold in Silver is only to increase difficulty too? Or  it gives more experience and/or better loot?

I've started in Sacred 2 but don't remember this thing, was long ago, so the question is for both games if possible.

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I'm performing some tests and not 100% sure but seems to have better loot and experience (didn't take notes so may be wrong).

But, now, I've noticed that seems to not be a way to know in which difficulty I am. I have many saved testing games and don't remember in which difficulty were, can't find a way to find it on the loading game screen, but also inside the game, not in the book, not in the character sheet, not mouse over the character's icon, not in the map view... where figures in which difficulty the game was saved?

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In Sacred2, press 'F', move the mouse to the left up corner in the popup. There is a line below your character name, with your character class and level. Move your mouse on this line, no clicking. In the smaller popup is a line with difficulty.

To compare items hold 'alt' while left clicking them. Here the difficulty level of the found item is shown. If having the same level, items from higher difficulties are better.

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Thanks, I'm asking for both games in the first question (bronze or silver, silver gives more xp and loot? or only is for the challenge?), but regard the difficulty, I need to know how to check the difficulty of a saved game, not needing to go and kill a bandit to check if is hard or easy... Is there a way to know in which difficulty I am?

Main questions are all for Sacred 1.

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10 hours ago, Thorin Oakshield said:

Easiest way,


head to a shop and check the small shield / circle in the top right corner of an item.


Bronze has a quarter filled circle, Silver a half filled circle, Gold a 3/4 filled circle, Platinum is completely filled and Niob is a full yellow circle.


Also, healthpotions do less healing in higher difficulties. Thus when it shows 100% it's bronze, when it's 70% (I think it is) it's Silver.



Thorin :)

I saw those icons but didn't realize for what are. This game is so shine of details and flavor. Governments should preserver such good pieces of culture, instead they allowed to sell the rights to a company which have made a generic game for televisions or phones. Capitalism can be cruel in cultural issues...


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What I forgot to add:

The shield / circle thingy is only for Sacred 1.


For Sacred 2 the easiest way is to hoover your mouse pointer over a dropped or bought item and pressing the [alt] button. The description should show from which difficulty it is.


In Sacred 2 runes from various difficulties don't stack in your inventory. So when playing a seraphim for example, the Assailing Somersault runes from Bronze and Silver form two "piles".

Use the hoovering / [alt] button I mentioned above and you know immediately which difficulty you're in.

But in general, you're even able to see that in the main screen the moment you select a character........




Thorin :) 

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Just some general information: Nearly everything scales better in higher difficulties.  That means enemy stats and item stats, as well as item drops.  Pretty much everything in the game scales, and everything that scales is greater in each successive difficulty level.

Bronze is useful for leveling a fresh character up to maybe 5-10 before moving to Silver, just to get them some basic gear, starter skills and CA's.

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