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Sacred Gold, do enemies respawn?

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I remember that enemies did respawn in Sacred 2, not sure about bosses, but normal monsters spread on the land.

Now I'm playing Sacred 1 and killed all goblins from the starting area when in Bellevue I got a quest to collect 10 goblin hearts, and not getting them respawn. But also human bandits, there is no single enemy respawning.

When I google that, people say that enemies respawn. So is sort a bug, or maybe a change in versions? I have the GOG version, with their last patch 2.28.

And another thing is that it is happening in Bronze difficulty, maybe is important.


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There's plenty of goblins to kill once you crossed the bridge to Silvercreek. The area north of it was called "Goblin lawn" in MP for a reason.


Simply kill them there - just don't forget to pick up some other goblin related quests in both Silvercreek and the unnamed trade post on the way to the next main quest city - collect the hearts and turn the quest in when you got the next portal unlocked as the quest giver is close to the Bellevue portal anyway.


Thorin :)

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