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Caleon Castle (3D Model)

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It has been a very long time since I have posted here. I hope all will like my own made Fantasy Castle, please no telling me that it's not a functional or a practical castle. It was drawn and built to be simply a Fantasy Castle Only, the wall textures of the castle were chosen for two reasons, to match with the other textures and to give the castle eyelets, for the arches to fire arrows from, my humbled apologies, I do not know the correct term, at least by all means, do tell me what that is. However, some of the archer windows/eyelets are not completely aligned right, which could have been corrected, but please take note, it had taken me several months, working day by day to do the battlements, the arched doorways etc. I did try to correct what I could, but after doing so much hard work on the whole model, correcting the wall textures would have taken me even longer and no that is not me being lazy, it is not as an easier; a matter one may think, honest.

There is a total of 8 overhead walkways and yes that was intentional. The castle needed windows too, which I also had to draw each one, some of them have been copied, but doing the copy work, nearly almost messed up my model, but I managed to work around that particualr problem, but it was not easy by far. Please take my word on that. I am not in the habit of making things up. Before I put in here the link to the actual model and an image of it. First off, I needed a castle layout that I could work from and use purely as a guide.


Castle Plan/Layout


Caleon Castle

3D Model Link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/6d2fbcbd-2eaa-4a67-8797-bd4634b2a32d/Caleon-Castle

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