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Sacred Guide: Epox Nightslayer guide

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The Beast Within


Aribeth a young and noble knight who served the King of Arcania and swore to protect him and the the royal families in all of the towns of his kingdom.

one day when the Young Knight was on patrol in the nearby woods of Bellavue, she discovered an old abandon mansion, she knew that it never had been here before, but still something inside here said that she should not the Mysterious Mansion, and she did not for now....

but she had the night shift today and she ventured into the dark and cloudy woods again only to see the light that was coming from the mansion. she thought it might be the hideout for a local necromantic cult that had turned some of the villagers into Mindless undead. she quickly jumped on here horse and like a swift wind she arrived at the mansion, the door was open she went of here horse and entered the mansion. their was only the sound of the wind and the wooden

floors that were squeaking in the dark hall. she followed the light from the other side of the corridor only to get to a staircase, she pulled out here sword and shield and silently went up the stairs , when she came to the top of the stairs she opened it slowly, she could see a cloudy form but was not sure what it was, she kicked the door up and stormed into the room only to see ashes on the floor and a old ancient book between to candle's. But before she could take a good look on the book, a voice inside her said "thank you for saving me from my prison", she did not know how the voice came to be inside here. but she left the mansion, but only to faint out...


she awoke next morning in the quarters, but she had been chained up, and she saw the Executioner, and he saw here and said "finally we got you beast

you will not murder more innocent villagers" she cried and said "I'm not the beast your looking for, I have done nothing to deserve this horrible end, I'm

a proud Knight of the king and I swore to protect you and the royal families, and this is how you repay me!" then she felt something awoke inside here it went out in here body and transformed here she was stronger than ever and she broke the chains and jumped long than possible for a human and she vanished into the woods.


at night time the knight woke up and saw here self in the mirror and saw what she feared the most, she had become a shifter of the night, a necromantic fiend of evil, yet still she felt here knightly soul in here heart. she knew that she could still keep the lands of Arcania safe and with "the Beast within" here the evil's

in the lands would be no match for here. so she strapped up here horse took on here armor and went out into the night to kill the evil of this land...




Skills & Attributes


lvl1: Vamperisem ( for lower regen time on vamp Combat Arts when ya in vamp form)

-> 140 ( you really need this)


lvl1: Weapon Lore ( for damage )

-> 1-100 ( you can choose either way both works out good)


lvl3: Blood lust (for even lower regen and atk speed)

-> 140 ( yeah this is also needed)


lvl6: Parry (for defence )

-> 50 (no more is needed)


lvl12: Constitution (to get a better life)

-> 100-140 ( its your choice here I recommend 100 because your not the one fighting)


lvl20: Agility ( you are fighting a little so more atk and defence is always good)

-> 50 ( no more is needed)


lvl30: Sword Lore ( more info in weapon area)

-> 10 ( rest you get from items and such)


lvl50: Trading ( for lowered prices and shiny merchandise)

-> 1 or max ( your choice to level this)



all points to Phy regen because it's casual that you summon your wolf for backup and phy regen helps here to thrower faster, and also decreases regen time on ripping claw.




Combat Arts

TIV ( Turn into Vampire)

Ripping Claws

Wolf Call

Awaken Dead





Proud Helmet of Recundis ( for wolf boost, sword lore boost parry boost and str boost)



E`sal Hy-lef's armor of Trepidation ( for tiv bonus and vamp boost)



find one with rsm and other good stuff ( can't help here their ant any belts for a vamp thats best)



Proud Shoes of Recundis ( for speed and end boost)



E`sal Hy-lef's Shoulder of Anguish ( for str boost,tiv boost and + Combat Arts)



Thorwyns Blood-shade braces ( for atk speed, vamperisem boost, tiv boost and LL)



Lady Magory's Gauntlets of Health ( for atk speed)



Blood lust Longsword (for Vamprism, wolf call, WL)



Lucky Kite Shield (for atk speed, rsm , wl, mf)



E`sal Hy-lef's Greaves of Terror (for awaken dead)



Chrysopras of Blood Moons x 2( for wolf, WL, Vamprisme) (ring)

Chrysopras of Dark Lleaders x 1 (for atk speed, vamprisem and WL)

Arhles T`Gaw´s Hoop x 2 ( for wl )

Glimering Amulet of luck ( end boost)


Game play Advices


well to play here you have to summon your Puppy at first (at night it increases with 10 level's) and tiv up yourself and go bonzai with your dog and rip em to pieces...



this build here is amassing never thought it would last for a second but it did last for a second :whistle:, well I lvled here from level 1-31 without using any pots or life leech because when ya wolf ca is high lvled you can practically stand and watch it go banzai. my wolf is whopping vot alone


keep your TiV level 1 and make a combo suite instead because the more lvls you put I not it the more damage ya take if it's level 1 as ca you take less damage but gain the benefits from the + ya got to it.


again my superior guide skill has shown no match for my gramma :ninja:

Edited by Epox

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Another simple and easy to follow guide. :whistle:

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guide has been updated with some pin pointers

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lol. I love the subtitle Epox! "WRAF! UHHH! BRAINS!" :(


I may try a Vamp yet. The only concern I have with this build is that you have made 3 unique rings a part of it which miiiiight be a bit of a turn-off for some.


Cheers to you Epox. I'm loving the work you are doing. *runs off to work on Epox's movie* :blink:

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lol...title to make us laugh

So epox, does this build need a lot of runes to run?

I'm looking fer a good rune hunter ^^





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lol...title to make us laugh

So epox, does this build need a lot of runes to run?

I'm looking fer a good rune hunter ^^





Gogo, there isn't a vamp build that would need lot of runes (well maybe summoner vamp needs some runes, but it's easily too much) that I know of so any vamp is great runefarmer. Just like ranged Wood-elf whit two readed runes.

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no not really only a couble, well you could do with 1 readed ca rune in each skills and get rest from items anc ca+ amus and such.

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Your guide looks great Epox :) Nicely done and yeah they are amazing rune hunters :3lmao:

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guide has been updated with a story an item switch and a pin pointer



this is an old build but an old build can take always get a lifting

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Fantastic story, looooooooool, epox... your idea of putting stories into your builds is rather genius. It's your creativity at work and we're all the better for it.

Great spelling too :)


Nice work





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