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Attempting a new build: "Hellmouth rush"

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Sure, I will post my results as soon as I have them. But before even testing this full idea proper, I need to check my other Enhanced Edition/Alternate Spell inquisitor. I want to finish bronze and start silver first to see how it handles.

That being said, I can start testing the mortifying pillori with the 'vanilla' version to see if it works and maybe, also, try the idea of the EE inquisitor I think I might work in the vanilla version and see how it handles in the first levels.

Also, I didn't thought about trying to 'ensare the soul' of the daemon ... BUT I WILL DEFINITELY CHECK !!! :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

EDIT: I am pretty if should NOT work as I don't think the sakkara daemon leaves a body behind, still I will check.

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Not much to report lately, just keeping doing silver to reach level 75. 

I am in the desert area right now. As for the 'whirling dervish' boss north of the map ... he really did not last long. And same as bronze, so far, the swamp area has been the most difficult, more so than the ice (and blood) area with the cryophoenix boss.

Most of the issues comes from several things:

- There more than a few monsters leaving no corpses to raise (main reason I switched from minotaur to skellies).

- quite a few dangerous monsters in those areas relative to this build (fen fires, 'swamp daemons', slow down attacks etc ... especially combined wih the point above).

- But most importantly ... the 'bog of stupidity', due to point one, is causing the sakarra daemon to regularly attack in the "void" very regularly, and it's not always easy to "leash him" back into the fight. In fact, that's the major challenge in the swamp area for this build.

Apart from that, I learned to adapt to the issues above (eg: switching to skellies, moving around faster to 'reset' the daemon etc ...) and I am having FAR LESS problems than I did in bronze, so, all's good :) 

I am sure I am going to have a nice surprise when mastering divine devotion! :D :eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L::eqs5V2L:

Also, investing heavily in concentration right now too as I want it mastered at the same time as divine devotion, the rest of the aspects skills are, at the moment, more than good enough. And I will go back to investing heavily in this once I am good with both divine devotion and concentration at lvl75 :) 


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I wonder what's the point of Concentration mastery though, when the remaining buff is Reflective Emanation which is a more defensive buff. I'd rather go for a skill that further increases your party's influence over the generality of the Ancarian mobs.

What are your findings with the Inquisitor so far?

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Yep, it's for a third aura that I am boosting concentration and reflective emanation is quite clearly proprietary. In my experience, it works insanely well in summon builds in tandem with the mod that spread it to your minions. On top of that, it's an additional line of defense, the kind that allows you to stay into the fight longer and, most of all, avoid some of the deadliest hits you can take.

And in Enhanced Edition, with the tweaks made, ESPECIALLY ON CRITICAL HITS!! ... yeah, you can't afford to slack up too much on your defenses. Or perhaps it would be more correct that it's my personal experience since playing with Enhanced Edition so far.

Speaking of which, well done Flix and anyone who worked on that mod!!! It has become the de facto 'vanilla' sacred 2 experience for me. Yep, I enjoy it that much.

For the inquisitor, I haven't played much yesterday, but back on it today. And still speaking of today, I intend to post a video to explain what I am trying to do with it. While the concept might seem simple, it seems actually more difficult to explain that I originally thought. I am also leery of switching back to test the 'vanilla' demon right now, especially since I have two EE builds in the pipeline right now.

Sure, I know how to back them up (and I have), but I'd rather avoid these potential issues for the time being. However, once I feel I am far enough, I will give it a try that's a promise :) (sooner than I initially anticipated). I just need to get comfortable with the EE version of the inquisitor before trying to move it to 'vanilla'. It can feel ... a bit arcade shall we say.

The build is very different from my gatling mentalist seraphim but theres's the same feeling of hectic, arcade and frenetic energy into it. Takes some time to adapt but incredibly fun !! :D 


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Oh blimey, the Idol mod. Of course! Never mind, my memory failed me for a second when I posted yesterday. :blush: 

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it"s all right, happens to the best of us !! :) 

But don't worry, it's still in the pipeline. My inquisitor just reached level 25, yep, I should play with him more, which I am doing at the moment :D 

Also, I am starting to increase the difficulty level as soon as I can now with those new builds, instead of waiting to complete main quest line every time. It's much better this way, faster leveling but, most of all, it's quicker to see whether the build works or not and what kind of adjustements I need to make along the way (generally has to do with defenses capabilities). 

Also, it avoids me getting complacent just saying ;) 

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7 ...

6 ...

5...  (the lack of cooldown in divine devotion is already starting to be serious!)

4... Everything you know about this game is about (perhaps!) tp change permanently (well Enhanced Edition perhaps :P )

3... Woe to you of earth and sea

2... For the devil sent the beast with wroth! Because he knows the time is short!

1 ... let him who have understanding reckon the number of the beast! For it is a human number! 

0 ... its number is six hundred and sixty six!!

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I am not exactly sure how to react to this, so here goes:

Just reached level 75 and mastered divine devotion, and ... this happened. 



I mean WHATTTTTTT:)!!!! That's 62.6 secs between sakkara daemon invocation ... and I did not saw die even ONCE since I started ... WHHHHHHHAAATTT?!!! And I can apparently get this even further ... WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add to this that I am becoming pretty good at managing the big oaf to keep him into the fight in the majority of the time now (even in the bog of stupidity!) and ... well ... it's becoming a journey to 'whack a mob ' and 'thrown down the boss' city right now. Also, my shadow warrior has added reflection aura, much more durable and becoming much more difficult to kill between daemon. I never expected this bu this build seems to work VERY WELL !!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!


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As a side note, two additional things I've found to 'leash' the daemon back or into the fight:

When engaging monsters, run in the front line first, shift click if needed be to direct the daemon and then, run back or focus on mobs you need to. Works pretty well.

If the big oaf start to run away or whack the void left by , say, an undead who finally died. Run away a bit from the monster to force him to start moving and then Shift-click on mobs ... WABAM!! Instant steroid fuel rage/carange on the mobs/champions/bosses on part the daemon.


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