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The Great Pumpkin has arrived! DarkMatters, Spooky Avatars Halloween Party!!

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20 hours ago, Flix said:

YES.  Oh definitely a great memory of that last visit to the UK in 2007 was the Guinness that flowed like water.  And it somehow tasted so much better than what we get imported here in the States.

Oh yah! I remember when I came back and we went to the local Irish Bars...somehow didnt feel the same, and that magic never quite came back... I do believe a well-poured Guiness, with that brilliantly enforced "wait" will always retain its power to stop time in its tracks while we..



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Oh man, there you're offline for just a couple of days and then this happens wow, did catch me by surprise! Yeah same    This looks so cool, seems like we have some talented people h

Hmmm.... I did not actually win that year.  Sugar skull (center top) won first place and the rest of us all got honorable mentions - there were way more prizes than there were people that actually car

Ohhhhhhh !!! I had no idea this was coming on the forums!! It is my first year in here after all   And we do get to choose special avatars for the occasion? Lemme check and come back in a second

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21 hours ago, chattius said:

My grandma did the two quinces trees or better BIG bushes for their blossoms in spring and bright yellow fruits in autumn. Our oldest studies arboristic and tries to keep them alive.

When harvesting: imagine a big heavy fruit with 120*90mm size and some 7 metres above ground. The fruit has no stem. It is directly connected to the branch. Picking near ground is easy, But trying to move a fruit picker on a 5 metre telescope pole between fruit and branch is tricky. And if not carefully fruits will fall all the 7metres accellerating, with a weight often a bit more than a pound ;)

But yes quinces are nice, juice, wine, liqueur, tartes, or going mediterran: lamb with roasted spiced quinces....

I dont think we have quite the same fruit here Chattius ...but I can always look up its more modern version at the alcohool store down the street... version 1.2?




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That is quite close to the recipe I learned at university when living in a student home charing a kitchen witha girl from Marocco

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And... awwwww... day after The Great Pumpkin Landing :cry:  

But..it was a wonderful year this year with all of you, friends, friends and more friends celebrating and sharing! :hugs: 

The Halloween theme here is always so appreciated, and keeps motivating us to pour on the love for Sacred another 14 years!   

We have made even more new friends in spooky costumes this year and I feel like our impact on gaming, this game and ...the world...have gone far to show that a strong, very polite, and respectful  community is worth the  hard work

:heart: :hugs:

Big thanks to all of our world-class modders  and posters along with the rest of our happy family out there who keep showing up at this tiny bustling website in the far corners of the SacredVerse and who have made DarkMatters home!!


I got a few more  pix for today as we'll run this skin (our favorite! :bounce: ) a little longer this week as we want to do some  (sigh :blink: ) updates on the forum... here's a pic of my mom (74!!) she works at Seniors Residence in Potomac Maryland.

My mom has always been so festive and all the residents there love the efforts she puts into coming to work for them dressed well and in celebration...

Happy Halloween Mom!  (She's on the bottom left )








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2 hours ago, Androdion said:

How about that muscat yo?! :D

I'm still so excited to get that home Androdion but the SAQ near me still doesnt have it in stock yet... but we keep going there for rye  refills... soon as its in Ill pic it!



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A few snaps from the nice neighborhood on the street behind us...  the closing of Halloween!



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10 hours ago, Schot said:

Looking pretty spooky!  :D



Dang your super-samsung camera!!

*shakes fist* 


That was the best house of the group though... maybe we can catch another set on the other side of the mountain before they take down stuff tonight



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On 11/1/2020 at 5:00 PM, Androdion said:

How about that muscat yo?! :D

We got a date this weekend for a drive-by... May the force be with us and the Muscat!



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8 minutes ago, Androdion said:

Ah, promises promises... :lol:

In the meantime I've got a wine order coming in today, huzzah! :drunkards:


a *cough* few bottles


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Ha ha, you've got me there. It's a pack I've divided between my mom and my father-in-law, seven bottles for me. We've visited a producer in Douro during our holidays and I've managed to buy those bottles we've tasted for 40% less a piece! Very nice deal. Plus a wine we love from Alentejo that is always very expensive that I've managed to get for 25% less of its promotional pvp.

You've got to love wine fairs! :woot:

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Oh, hi and mighty pumpkin! Thanks ye for your wonders, sweets and pain of cavities... thank you for the the scares, boos and requisite wines and beers we've had to imbibe during these testing times.

Oh..and for next Halloween... not to be rude... please wear a mask?

Thank you sir, fly back to us again !



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