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The Great Pumpkin has arrived! DarkMatters, Spooky Avatars Halloween Party!!

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20 hours ago, Flix said:

YES.  Oh definitely a great memory of that last visit to the UK in 2007 was the Guinness that flowed like water.  And it somehow tasted so much better than what we get imported here in the States.

Oh yah! I remember when I came back and we went to the local Irish Bars...somehow didnt feel the same, and that magic never quite came back... I do believe a well-poured Guiness, with that brilliantly enforced "wait" will always retain its power to stop time in its tracks while we..



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21 hours ago, chattius said:

My grandma did the two quinces trees or better BIG bushes for their blossoms in spring and bright yellow fruits in autumn. Our oldest studies arboristic and tries to keep them alive.

When harvesting: imagine a big heavy fruit with 120*90mm size and some 7 metres above ground. The fruit has no stem. It is directly connected to the branch. Picking near ground is easy, But trying to move a fruit picker on a 5 metre telescope pole between fruit and branch is tricky. And if not carefully fruits will fall all the 7metres accellerating, with a weight often a bit more than a pound ;)

But yes quinces are nice, juice, wine, liqueur, tartes, or going mediterran: lamb with roasted spiced quinces....

I dont think we have quite the same fruit here Chattius ...but I can always look up its more modern version at the alcohool store down the street... version 1.2?




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That is quite close to the recipe I learned at university when living in a student home charing a kitchen witha girl from Marocco

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