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Jägermeister, all these parties and people bring bottle of Jägermeister. No blood alcohol allowed at work, so best is to bake a cake with it and eat a slice at evening.



Our second daughter looses 4 hours a day at public transport to school. When kids at town are done with homework she isn't even at home.

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I'm up for a jagger cake

I'm up for nothing more than a thirty minute travel to work every day

and... hmm, I think I'm really up for that cake...

Theuns, anything awesome left in that overn we can liberally douse with a good dose of the good stuff?

IT's the day before the weekend folks!





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Just (3am) returning home from playing a sort of barkeeper/cocktailmixer at a Polterabend in the village. Polterabend is the day before the marriage and traditionally the couple spends it together with friends and neighbours. Friends throw porcelaine at the house of the bride, because a german saying says shards bring luck.




We don't do a bachelor party or something like this in our area. We had 32 Celcius in shadow yesterday and the most wanted drink was a 'sauergespritzter Speierling'

Speierling is a sort of a really sour cider. An apple wine made from apples with some fruits from the service tree(Speierling). Sauergespritzt means that some sparkling mineral water is mixed to the cider. The mix is really refreshing and contains less alcohol.


Speierling is made here for centuries and we are judt a few miles from Selters, the village which gave the name to mineral water. Selters= seltzer water.


So the mix is cemturies old too.

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Sounds very warm and cordial, chattius, my kind of thing

nothing like "The Bachelor party" of movie famedom that's just had it's last and final third incarnation eh ^^







p.s. 8 58 and sun loox great, morning everyone, any sumatra hiding in that back bar cupboard?

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ....

Stopped counting the beers I had yesterday. A good estimate is between 2000 and 2500. Our volunteer firefighting was founded in 1933 by a law forcing villages to either have volunteer firefighters or every male adult having to spend several weekends for firefighting training.

So we did an open house with firefighting games for kids, brass music from our firefighting band, showing our equipment, how we cut people out of cars, how people can free themself if the car lays on its roof, how to extinguish a pot with burning oil in the kitchen,...

The village owned baking house did lot of yeast dough fruit cakes...

And the village hall for the elections for german and hessian parliament at this day was kust a few metres away. Our 120 people village had like 900 people visiting.

When not playing tuba I was playing barkeeper and filling beer glasses, daughters were selling cakes,..

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It is my tuba and I have it at home when not used. Everyone in my family plays an instrument. I have the tuba from my grandpa. Normally I play the horn in our family orchestra. For a hunting license you have to know and are able to do the horn signals anyway.

I a forest you can't see other hunters so horn signals are used, like hunt starts, hunt over, boar is dead ,...



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Hellloooo all !!! LONG time no see! Thought I would drop in for a drink and cookies! :)

Hope all are well! This forum is now so WOW - awesome work all :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

BTW is Mr :ike: still arouund? Hope your well mate!

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Vodka? I fear the last 10 bottles we got were used not in the sense of the producer.

When we do parties ,people bring bottles. That's normal, but we both don't drink alcohol if the next day is a working day or when having readiness. So all the bottles remain untouched till autumn. Then we start to do x-mas presents for the next year.

Big glasses filled with pieces of quinces (leftovers from marmelade and Quittenbrot making) and then vodca or Doppelkorn till all is well covered. Then the glass is closed and put in the storage cellar. After a year it is opened, filtered and each litre of f the alcoholic liquid is mixed with 400ml water and 4ßßg sugar and some vanilla rods. All short boiled and the vanilla removed. The result is a nice quinces liqueur. Filled in decorative bottles, etiquettes hand written and a nice rippon band woven around. Nice presents for these 'people who have everything'.




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Soooo there's lots to do in the new appartment, but we're slowly getting there.

This weekend we picked up our totally awesome couch, a yucca plant, three shelving units, and a set of a side table, coffee table and a to-be-assembled tv unit, all done in glossy black.

Oh and some lamps to complement our bedroom (still waiting for our curtains to be finished and yes, we still need a few lamps). Pics of the new corner-desk will follow once the 'puter setup is completed.


Sneak peek at the unfinished state our appartment is in right now:




Now, if someone could get me a nightcap, I'm off to bed because I'll be working again tomorrow :nono:

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Was at france for 3 days. Combined a business trip with visiting our oldest daughter who is studying at a university in france: unloaded 3 suitcases with winter clothes, loaded 3 duffel bags with summer clothes. Managed to trigger an alarm at university, didn't know they filtered air to detect explosives, carrying a duffel bag on each shoulder didn't help either. Wondered why they stopped me when walking out and not when in *puzzle*. Probably I was sweating when walking out and that released some nanagramm of the explosives from work ?

At least I could do a nice talk with the security chief at a good glas of wine.

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Feeling a bit sad.


I started browsing DM a bit, and eventually wound up at the Wiki. I never realised what damage the wiki took up until now I guess, there's so much info on the original Sacred gone missing... From what I could see quite a bit of info on items, there's no mention of the easter eggs in Sacred anymore. Remember the Jason items, only to be found accessing that special area? The items are mentioned, but not how to get them... Or the Pacman cave? The light saber?Tristram?


I miss those days, so many fond memories :)

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Maybe someone will fix that. I played Sacred long after I already had Sacred 2, I know nothing about the Jason items, the Pacman cave, and the light saber. Maybe resurrecting the missing sections would be a good project for you? You could relive old,fond memories as well as potentially renew interest in the first game. There are a slew of new games on the horizon ( I myself am waiting for the 3rd Witcher), but until then, sacred would fill the gap nicely I bet

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That was going to be my goal, back in summer of this year - to work on Sacred 1 wiki pages, cause they're so barren. I ended up focusing on Sacred 2 instead, but in my fantasy once I "finish" (yeah right) Sacred 2 I will go back and fill in Sacred 1 as well.


Thing is, I'm just one guy.

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hundred Bratwurst

1000 bottles beer (alcohol free)

and most important : a beamer and a big canvas screen to watch the worldcup final at soccer


Will watch at firefighters and I hope everyone is watching too in my neighbourhood instead of doing something stupid like making a fire or having an accident

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Its the Football world finals... And Germany is one of the teams...

You should take bets if "something stupid" happens before or right after when the game is finished.

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