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Greed is good..... for others

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so here it is .. one week into sacred with my greedy dwarf and I have so much stuff I want to get rid of, the spellin might be wrong on some items but who cares.... it's also mixed up left and right but u'll get the picture


It's All Hardcore underworld:


Item - min level




Goilomn's set:

boots - 90, 54

Belt - 62

Chainmail- 64

headgear - 64, 42(2x) 86


Thar eross set:

Shield - 52, 71(sold)


Rideg stumel's set:

girdle - 46

gauntlets - 45

Flintlock - 82, 70, 34


Kabelrinthe's Girdle - 38


Thodran amfist's cap - 78




Sereish steel - 78

*new*Sereish Shield - 90

Talia mel's Cuirass - 82




Andiel's Set:

Spine - 121

Bracer - 99


King of the swallows - 66




Dalmar's Pike - 42

Shield of the recundis - 54




Dralkcib's cheekbone - 77


Battle mage:


Mammon's armor - 94 ( reserved )




aarnum's blade - 70

" " cleaving pride - 58 (2x)

" " thirst for blood - 45, 70


Fad's axe fully socketed - 82

Fad's axe unsocketed - 82, 94

fadalmar's fiery breath - 58


Ettol rahc's Longbow - 58, 82

Eggil's shot of prudence - 34


solwemyr's unfaltering ring - 58


Theral's plate gauntlet's - 65



PM me or see if u can find me ingame GMT +1 usually after 7 ( that's gmt 1800)

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Wicked list, Dredd

You generosity and consideration for others shows itself again.

Cheers you!





p.s. I don't need anything from that list though, as I'm still hunting for niob protos ^^

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you call getting niob prototype sword a hunt gogo? :o


What a nice list, its good to share. But like gogo I don't need anything at da moment. :3lmao:

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Oh wow. That's super generous of yah Dred. I just had a peek through your store and I think I might be able to make a nice home for that Thar shield. :)


And yes. I totally. Greed IS good for others! :P

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how long can I edit this file btw :) I was wondering because I keep editing stuff in and out :ninja:

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save mamomns for me

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