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Returning to Sacred 2

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2 hours ago, DaveO said:

It's been a long time since I've posted to this board. I've gotten back into PC gaming after a long inactive period of at least several months. I'll be continuing some of my builds again to gather items as well as to have fun. I hope some of the regulars here have been doing well during my absence. I DO miss you all. :ike:

DaveO !!! :friends3: Awesome seeing you back on the boards friend! and you're just in time for almost last rounds... wait, we still got six days :lol: at the Halloween Bar... Please spooky avatar up and join us in the gruesome revelry!





p.s. whats interesting is... I just was looking at a game yesterday..its new addition is supposed to be released soon... and its a big deal because its original release was famed for a spectacular revisit to classically thought 2d style...and while I was watching the trailer last night I was thinking of this loooooong detailed posts about your gaming worlds that we can just sink into..

heard of this thriller?


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