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Unique Damage Converter?

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Hey there:D

I found a unique poison fang.:woot: Didn't even know those exist. Are they part of a mod? Because I can't find any information about them in the wiki. Does anybody know name or id of the unique damage converters in the blueprint.txt?


EDIT: found it, it's id 4332 to 4335

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3 hours ago, Flix said:

I made those for EE.

  • Pestilent Fang
  • Inferno Rock
  • Arctic Crystal
  • Mystic Pearl

There's also the Ogre Knuckle, which is a physical-based socketable item for the damage slot.

This was one of my favorite mods you added...the socketables have always been a favorite element of this game for me... just so deranged that so much of it was bugged upon game release



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