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Instill Belief and CM Lore question


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Hey everyone. So, I've been playing around with Instill Belief with several test characters and there are a couple of things I don't understand (I&B with CM patch only).

What exactly are the benefits of CM Lore to Instill Belief? The wiki says that "Celestial Magic Lore - improves combat art effects" but which effect does it improve exactly? I've used Instill Belief with CM Focus only and it still converts the target and a buddy (with Bronze Elocution mod) a 100% of the time even though I don't have CM Lore.

Also, what does "Conversion Chance: 5.4%" mean? It is 100% chance non-stop when I've used it. Granted, I've only used it in silver difficulty - can it miss at higher difficulties or against certain enemies?

Am I missing something obvious? I'm thinking of trying a new seraphim and I'm wondering whether it's worth it to pick up CM Lore for Instill Belief, Radiant Pillar, and Hallowed Restoration. Or, I can save myself the skill slot, forgo HR and just use RP and IB for crowd control as usual.

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So, I think that's just placeholder text that never got refined.  CM Lore doesn't have any appreciable effect on IB except for casting speed.

I did a deep-dive investigation on Lore skills some years back, and edited each Lore skill page with additional effects to damage:


So in this case Hallowed Restoration will benefit, as well as any damaging CA like Radiant Pillar.  But not IB.

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