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Happy New Years / Christmas DarkMatters 2020! - The Holiday Seraphim is here with light-bright busting action!

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You always somehow mange to thread the right thread through they eye... and this was a great for Christmas spirit... I have friends who have said that ... they weren't feeling spirit and that the day was gray...but as you have chronicled, traditions create great spirit and value... We have started doing our wrappings and decorations and this year is going to be very different because of Covid, and while we dont have a small forest, I have sooooooooooo many relatives that I'll reach out to today to "needle"



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  • gogoblender changed the title to Happy Christmas DarkMatters 2020 - The Holiday Seraphim is here with light-bright busting action!
7 hours ago, Schot said:

While we wait to see what happens with our fave Christmas theme designer we hope you guys enjoy some festive decor!  Careful not to bust the xmas lights on the top of the site when moving your mouse pointer!  :lol:

Thanks @Flix for the festive background!

Those lights....!



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4 hours ago, Timotheus said:

OMG those lights scared the crap out of me, my volume was waaay up from a conference call earlier! I practically fell over lol

lol, that happened to me as well the first time they went on.. and we have new speakers at my desk pretty loud!!



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31 minutes ago, Delta! said:

The snow does not follow my curser... but I love the exploding bulbs.


Merry Christmas everyone.

 sorry about the bulbs... maybe its the mouse software? mine is wireless

And yah... a few builbs every morning wakes everyone in the building up



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Oh man for two days I've asked myself where I recognize the light bulb popping sound from - it's jardinains!, am I right?:D This is way too much fun:lol:

Do you celebrate the four Advent Sundays in your countries as well? Our family does and therefore I wish you all a nice fourth Advent!

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We illuminate the church each advent sunday and x-mas also the big tree near it. My third placed her electric zither advent sunday evenings on the central place and nearly whole village could listen and sing by opening doors or windows.

X-mas this year:

Wednesday we started a total lockdown - noone in and noone out- of our 127 people village. Authorities gave the okay. So we are allowed to do x-mas in the village quite as normal. Relatives of old people were told what we do and that the old ones will celebrate with us and no need for visits: 37 people out of 127 are above eighty. So we hope that they will get vaccines quickly and relatives can visit.





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19 hours ago, TornadoX1 said:

A long year is gone and I hope you are all healhty.

Happy x-mas to all:christmastree:

PS: It will be always a pleasure to come back HOME:friends3:

Bravo Tornado always happy seeing you here on the boards

A happy Christmas to you and all of your family!




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We did the eve of 24th at the firefighting truck hall with the rest of the village. Was lot of fun because everyone had to sing at least two songs. There are not many songs I can sing, so I prefer loud ones. I missed to visit a haircutter in time before lockdown, so with long hair and a beard not shaved since corona started, I thought why not taking my tuba and bass guitar and did an english song:


I had the last song as village mayor : Another Slade song I can play blindsighted because we performed it at lot of parties: 'My oh my'

So this time not as a song for girls choosing a boy for dancing: Don't a women need a man, try and catch one if you can

But with best wishes:

I can lend a helpin' hand if you ain't go nothing planned
We all need some lovin' my oh oh my

So let's all swing together my oh my
We can all swing together my oh my
You've got troubles on your own, no need to face them all alone
We can all swing together my oh my

Probably better songs around there, but I am real good in interpreting this ones. Best wished to you all, and now its time to go out: it was snowing this night....

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I can see you singing with the beard and long hair. It's funny how we're all "sharing" this experience and we can all relate to it. :D My family actually dug up video from 1991 and the link has been passing hands ... it was a huge christmas party looooooooooooong  ago in washington at my cousins' parents place and was the biggest sleepover for my family ever...and yes... songs in those days sung (actually at the end of the video )

course...im the one in bowtie




but noone braved vocals this  year chattius... good for you! 



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On 12/23/2020 at 6:16 PM, Lindor said:

Oh, what a heartwarming story. I hope you stay sane and healthy in your quarantine-like village.


It's 00:16 here, so Merry Christmas all:singsanta: Wish you all the best health for you and your relatives.

And a happy Christmas to you and your family as well Lindor!



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  • gogoblender changed the title to Happy New Years / Christmas DarkMatters 2020! - The Holiday Seraphim is here with light-bright busting action!
5 hours ago, Delta! said:

Happy New year everyone! 

Happy New Years Theun, to you and all your family...surely there is going to be some ice cream festivities!



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Hi all. I'm hoping for a Happy New Year for us all.

It has been a miserable Christmas for us again, it's like Christmas is cursed for me as everything bad seems to happen at Christmas. When my father died a few years ago it was on 23 December. My first marriage ended in a really bad breakup when my first wife told me she had found someone else and she wanted me to move out, that was the morning of Christmas Day. Two years ago my father-in-law died the week before Christmas. Last Year I was rushed to hospital with a series of heart attacks three weeks before Christmas. This year our little dog was taken ill on Christmas Eve and was put down on 27 December.

Now that Christmas is behind us it would be nice to hear happy things for the New Year, so do any of you have some good things to share for the New Year?

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