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Scything Sweep - skill execution mechanic

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I'd like to ask if any of you who played this class have stumbled upon the annoying mechanic of Scything Sweep. 

What I'm trying to say is: almost every time I want to use this skill, my toon has to go around, run in circles before using SS. 

Is there a trick where you position yourself behind a rock/tree/wall or click without targeting monsters for your toon to stand still and use his skill? :)

It is really annoying and kind of kills the fun out of using the skill. I'm thinking of moving to Demonic Blow (Area of Effect modded) just because of this.


Sorry if this was asked in a previous post.

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I am using CM 1.60 and I still run around sometimes. I will try your suggestion and return with a reply. :) 

The fact that I am using Nether Allegiance with 3 skeletons kind of adds up to my frustration using SS because they scatter the mobs a little. I might re-spec with only 2 skeletons.


EDIT: the CTRL+CA seems to work, but sometimes I waltz around, although not THAT much. 

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1 hour ago, Flix said:

The larger issue is the way targeting is coded, where the character doesn't recalculate often enough whether or not they're close enough to initiate the attack. It results in a not-so-comical chase.

Or when a melee attack is initiated but during the animation the enemy runs away but it still hits xD

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On 1/22/2021 at 10:01 PM, RavenLight said:



This doesn't work for me. CA is not activated at all, the character doesn't attack and the targeted mob is locked near me.

Neither does it work by activating the CA in thin air. :( 

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