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Sacred 2 Fallen Angel -- XBox360 live presentation

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Schot    297

Hi there all!


Recently Ascaron created a Youtube account to show off the latest Sacred 2 videos which you can find at:

Ascaron's Sacred 2 videos on Youtube


The video that entails a 5 minute mix of German conversations regarding Sacred2 and gameplay video is certainly a real treat. For those who would rather get right to all the gameplay video in one single watch I've edited the video to only show that. Which cut the time in half, haha.


Below is a 2:35secs video of that gameplay action we all hunger for. Keep in mind that video's in general never give a game perfect justice and that the real thing will be sooo much better. So use your imagination folks and enjoy the video!

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I wonder how many players here will chose the xbox version over PC?


As we know the two mediums won't be able to play together so hopefully we (PC players) won't lose too many to the other dark side :4rofl:

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