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Swap/Replace Combat Arts

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So, this is probably way above my skill set but I'd be remiss if I didn't ask - how complicated is it to mod/replace combat arts? Say, something simple like replacing a seraphim's Soul Hammer with Demonic Blow - how complicated would that be? The animation can remain the same, as well as the sound effect - it'd just be a matter of tweaking some numbers and lines in one/several text docs, right? It'd be awesome if someone could give me some pointers.

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57 minutes ago, dimitrius154 said:

 Over-engineered? Lacking common sense approach? Welcome to German software. 


I feel insulted and can choose the weapon: Zweihänder

I work with explosives and try to keep the code for my simulations as easy as possible using interval arithmetic because of survival instinct. I won't say which countries had nice people who forced me to run the software on a computer not connected to the internet.


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16 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

It's not complicated, and pretty compatible with your current savegame. Just keep the spell name, the "aspect", "focus_skill_name", "lore_skill_name", "sorting_rank" substrings in spells.txt unchanged and it's a go. In that particular example. Some CA's have certain mechanics tied to "eiStateName" and some timings tied to animations. Over-engineered? Lacking common sense approach? Welcome to German software. 

Awesome, thanks. I hoped that just tinkering with spells.txt would be enough but had to check if there isn't anything else I'd need to do. I'm glad there isn't. :)

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For total authenticity you will also want to change the icon(s) and also the text inside global.res.

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15 hours ago, Flix said:

For total authenticity you will also want to change the icon(s) and also the text inside global.res.

The icon doesn't seem like a problem but changing the CA/mods description would be nice. What is this global.res and where is it?

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So, I've come back to this idea. I found the global.res file but I can't figure out how to open it. I tried the RES file viewer but it gives me an "Error, could not open file (Open: unknown filetype)"
Notepad++ opens it but the text is just gibberish. What program are you using for .res files @Flix? I'm reading that Visual Studio is the way to go but I'm wondering whether it's above my pay grade. 


I'm thinking of swapping Cascading shroud with Instill belief to make a more jedi-like HE with a lightsaber and the forcefield shield. :)

Edit: I'm assuming that even if I don't change the texts in the .res file, the mods still work properly, right? I'll just have to pick the right ones, regardless of what their text says. :)

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