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Just finished a major overhaul to the Undead Legion chain quest including a new main page. All NPC's for it now done too http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Undead_Legion

Another batch of CM Patch sets finished.   Shadow Warrior: Doom Guard Armor   Seraphim: Genesis Siderea Impressions of Sophia   Inquisitor: Disgraced Gods The Judicator  

Hi gang I'm proud to present what I worked on today, not least of all because it was a lot of fun!   Today I made videos and pictures and added them to each individual Dragon Mage CA page. You can

Posted Images

Final batch of sets are renewed.



Endijian's Artifacts

Niokaste's Blade Dance

Revelation of the Seraphim

Heavenly Justice

Illuminated Skies

Infinite Revenge

Nikotaste's Arguments

Origin of the Seraish

Sofia's Benevolence

Twilight Of The Gods


This about wraps up the item database rejuvenation project. There's always room for improvement and more commentary and details, but I really can't see any weak spots. I think SacredWiki has to have some of the most comprehensive and polished info of any game wiki on the web, period.


Great job Ben! I concur with your assessment of the SacredWiki.



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What's the deal with the Denderan's Reserve bug we've noticed (the one where it had a bonus to Exalted Warrior)? I know you said you corrected it with the Diablo Mod, but what about vanilla I&B? Shouldn't you leave a note about the bug on the Wiki page for the set?

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What's the deal with the Denderan's Reserve bug we've noticed (the one where it had a bonus to Exalted Warrior)? I know you said you corrected it with the Diablo Mod, but what about vanilla Ice and Blood? Shouldn't you leave a note about the bug on the Wiki page for the set?


Thanks. I reminded myself like 10 times to add that to the page.


Here's how the page for Denderan's Reserve reads now:

  • In Ice & Blood, this item had its Concentration bonus replaced with Exalted Warrior Focus. This was certainly a bug, because set items in Sacred 2 do not normally have modifiers for other characters on them. Since this modifier is invisible for most players, the bug was not caught and as of Community Patch 1.50 it remains unfixed.


The main set page has a similar note under "About the Set".




Thanks for the elucidatory edit Flix!





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A new Star Wars Easter Egg was discovered in the Thylysium Senate, so I added "Senator Palpatine" to the appropriate page on the Wiki.

Awesome Hooyaah! I added the pic and referenced the information with a link back to your post here on this topic in DarkMatters.





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I added yet another new Easter Egg (this time from Warcraft) Princess Laurena for the Wiki.

Nice Easter Egg, Hooyaah, Eggs still being found a decade after release is wonderful

Good write up you put in the Wiki as well ... got the pix up too!!






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6 minutes ago, Androdion said:


Added a note to Ancient Bark about its appearance, as the question arose while we were testing buffs for the CM Patch.


Excellent, thanks Androdion, you got the hang of it. I just added a link to the word CM Patch... wiki editing is still fun after all these years.




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I may have found a big flaw on this page: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Hybrid_Damage_Based_Combat_Arts

More specifically this line: "Combat Discipline has no direct effect upon these Combat Arts."

I've tested with the three classes and Combat Discipline does increase the damage output of those three CAs. Could someone else please verify if the same results occur? It's a radical change and as such I'd like for someone else's input on this matter before making it.

If this becomes accepted all sub-pages for the corresponding CAs need to be amended as well.

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I love what you're doing for the wiki, Androdion, but I myself cant test as I dont have it running on my windows 10 here. If you think your results are correct and you are posting that you personally have tested, you can make the edits, changes can easily be added later if needed. 




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The wiki here, regarding Combat Discipline, specifically states, "The Damage bonus from Combat Discipline affects spell damage based combat arts fully, but for weapon-based combat arts it will only boost the bonus damage from the CA (eg, if Battle Extension is giving to character an additional +20% damage, Combat Discipline will affect that +20%, so if CD gives it +10%, a player will end up with +22% damage bonus from Battle Extension)."

If I recall, you showed a pair of before and after screen shotd illustrating an increase in damage with CD mastery. Perhaps the damage output is increased but the Combat Art's properties like Cast Speed and Regeneration Time aren't directly affected by Combat Discipline.


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You mean this? 

That was about Tactics Lore actually, which ups weapon damage but doesn't have the same effect on Magic Coup's damage output. Combat Discipline however seems to increase the Hybrid CAs damage, why and how I'm not sure. That's why I'm unsure about the modification and asked you guys for an opinion.

The funny thing is that I've tested it without any modifications on the CAs, so I don't believe the text about Battle Extension is relevant. I'll see if I can post some screens for you guys to see it.

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I added the CM patch 1.60 notes to the wiki:


Updated several Combat Art pages for CM 1.60:

Also updated the Skills page (and individual character pages) with the availability of all the General Skills to all characters.

Horse page notes that the non-functioning run speed bonus is replaced and the player can now use buffs on horseback.

Combos page now notes that the Dragon Mage is no longer afflicted with the bug that wouldn't let him remove CA's from combos.

Damage Over Time pages are updated for those damage types that were missing their VFX until now:

Temple Guardian Battery has some important notes.  I quote one here because I don't think it's been discussed much before now:

"Damage Converters (Chunk of Lava, Magic Pearl, etc.) socketed into the battery will convert the damage of ALL weapons and combat arts.  This can be a powerful tool for customizing damage output in a way that no other character can. However, the player should take care that they're not unintentionally changing the expected damage types on their combat arts. The player should only socket damage converters into Batteries if they want to convert the damage of every attack and spell!"

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