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Hey guys


Gene, currently we don't have enough room on the server to host all our own images, and our current host is a bit too pricey to afford more space with them. We're shopping around for better pricing on hosting packages, and in a few months, we'll be changing hosters with bigger capacity and then we'll have the room. For now, the wiki allows external hosting, and you can use bucket.

Good luck on the daemon mods, Csaszar, and Shard...nice work on the Attributes. Great baseline for everyone else to build upon. Fantastic debut entry work to the wiki.







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Just finished a major overhaul to the Undead Legion chain quest including a new main page. All NPC's for it now done too http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Undead_Legion

Another batch of CM Patch sets finished.   Shadow Warrior: Doom Guard Armor   Seraphim: Genesis Siderea Impressions of Sophia   Inquisitor: Disgraced Gods The Judicator  

Hi gang I'm proud to present what I worked on today, not least of all because it was a lot of fun!   Today I made videos and pictures and added them to each individual Dragon Mage CA page. You can

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Took my first quick tour (self guided) of the wiki tonite. Wow! I'll try to apply some of what I know about the WE over the next couple of nights.


As with genenut, I have no wiki experience so please bear with me as I struggle to learn.

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Excellent Gial.

Hey..it's a fantastic learning experience for all of us.

One sentence at a time...the way wiki's are built.

We're all friends here, and a bit part of building the wiki is being to help each other out.





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I did a quest list yesterday and a basic guideline about quests.... in case anyone missed it so no need to figure out a new one in another area ;)


I was trying to just copy the HTML from my website to make it easier but that didn't work so well and I ended up having to remove a lot of the formatting because the coding was appearing in the final work. So if anyone feels motivated and wants to clean it up a tad I have no objections... I am still figuring out this whole wiki thing and it doesn't seem to offer many tool presets. Yep I admit it I am lazy and I never learned to just write HTML straight out.... I use Frontpage to do the coding for me and although I understand most of it and can edit the HTML, remembering it all just to type it out manually is impossible hehe.


On another note... anyone working on doing unique items.... you can't hotlink from mine but you are welcome to save any of the images you may need and re-host them yourselves for use on the Wiki. I wish I could let you hotlink them since that would solve your image hosting problem but unfortunately it is against my GameSpy user agreement ;)

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Having finally pulled my finger out, I've done most of the BM sets (excluding the completion bonus values per difficulty 'cause I don't know them & putting the completion bonuses into the tables, though I think Gogo might have done this one, 'cause I don't know how to do tables). Should have the rest of the BM sets done in a day or two.


I assume that I should also "do" the individual set pieces as well?

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I have updatet vamp ca pics "mind control" "wolf" "ripping claws" and "Claws of Death"


I will have that section done buy tomorrow or later


the Knight side is done now added Whirling claw and combat kick pics





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wow, so many peeps now all helping out... wiki's growing in leaps and bounds! Nightwolfe, your contribution to the quests is fantastic! If you're looking for some good formating, check out Nihilith's code in his Timers section. He used some great code which produced dots and indenting which could be of help.

Llama, yup, go for the uniques, if you have more stufff to add, if you think you'd be able to add the content, that would be fantastic. And regarding the tables, I will forward your pm to me about your questions regarding them to Csaszar who made the tables...hopefully he'll have some feedback for you no that.

BTW, some more applause to Obsession for his steadfast filling in of data in the Armor templates...good job!

Claire, has begun the very huge, tedious work of bringing guides over from our forum. We will soon be killing discussion pages in SacredWiki, so at to funnel all the energy and critiques and advice to a much seksier talkpage...our forum!

And...lol...Epox is that you adding pics to all the Combat Arts?

Very nice work there dude. We're slowly filling in all the holes, and of course, polishing pics and content is never ending job with the wiki...so keep going!




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Added a brief "Combat Basics" linked from the index, and a few WE CA tweaks.


I plan on taking the WE set stuff I sent to gogo last month and bringing it into the wiki tomorrow night.


This is almost as much fun as playing the game -- hehe.



Almost forgot -- I have a question. I was able to figure out how to link to another wiki page, but it seems to me it would be nice to be able to link terms to the glossary. Is there a way to link to a '#' reference on another page and have it display correctly and also work? I tried a few things but couldn't make it go.

Edited by gial
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Addicts you two.... gotta love it!

yeah adding stuff is great fun...and getting a handle on the codes is always great...learning new stuff is always a pleasure.

Gial, regarding the Glossary, it looks like you've got a handle on it.

If you want some ideas on how others have done their glossary, check out how they code over at





They're the best




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okay I have a bunch of uniques that I can add pics of and the text so I can remember what each does. But I have never edited a wiki page. Is there a noobies guide somewhere that I can read? I know basic HTML but I could really use a wiki guide. I have space for the pics on another site I have. I just need a guide to editing.


I have done dirty coding in that I have lifted code from others and edited to suit my needs but I would really love an idiots guide to wiki.


I have added a page for battlemage and seraphin uniques. I will work tommorrow on getting more of the stuff listed. Just want it to sit for 24 hours incase others have a diff way they want it set up.

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heh, that kind of coding is the way the wiki works. We just go into someone else's edits and see the code they used to format/edit their page then apply it with new data.

Gene, if you need more ideas on the code used to set up pages, check out the way that nihilith did it for Albion here:




you can easily copy the template over into any new page that you add to the wiki. Also see how he added it to a larger listing of uniques here:




you can find a place in that last link where your item would go and then just enter your unique name directly onto that page by eding that page itself, and then use the wiki code button at the top (Internal Link) to create a new page for it by highlighting and using the Internal Link button at the top to create an interwiki link to a new page which will be create it if an old page does not already exist.


Also check out this wiki section here... some peeps have found great code like NO INCLUDE etc...good examples of this can be found in the CA pages like this one here:




That's a quick walkthrough of what the gang's found while experimenting, and if you find more code please post it up...a great example of good wiki codes would be in other game wikis across the net. If you see them using wiki code in a way that could help us, just post and share.


Good luck!





p.s. Gene, I just looked at your additions...they look great. This is the way the wiki's holes can be filled in...one item and one sentence at a time. Great that you got the code working and it looks like you've already got the basics in hand. Nice work.

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I haven't forgotten this project but just haven't had the time needed at home to work on it, sorry guys but you are all amazing :):blink: p.s. if you had only started this in my Winter time :P


The beach is soooo inviting when it's warm. :twitch:

Too bad there is no wifi there. Besides, sand ruins the keyboard.

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I haven't forgotten this project but just haven't had the time needed at home to work on it, sorry guys but you are all amazing :):bow: p.s. if you had only started this in my Winter time :(


The beach is soooo inviting when it's warm. :)

Too bad there is no wifi there. Besides, sand ruins the keyboard.


So true :4rofl: but it is the Garden and the Pool that beckon us at the moment, rearranging the garden beds and that pesky chore of weeding.

Not sure what was growing in the pool, needless to say the saltwater chlorinator pump died which was the agenda last week, but the good news is it is now back to a sparkling blue. The beach is just a little bit further down the track :D


Trust me I am thinking of you all as I sip my cool intoxicating elixir sitting by the pool :)

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aww, I want the beach too, lol..

Funki dinna worry, I'm sure there will be stuff to do when the next season rolls around, and you're right...everyone's doing a fantastic job.

And...I just brought in the silly messages...I wrote up a small intro, but the formatting is crappy and...I don't know if I even like my intro!





If there's anyone that wants to give it a tango go right ahead.


And in the last couple of days:



Gial, that glossary is looking great...nice job.





And Schot...the new seraphim on the Character Class page...deeeeeeeeeeelish




The work your doing on the rendered images is creating great new toon pics that noone has seen before. That page is an important one, and is going to turn out to be a great intro to the rest of the wiki.


Epox, you got all the Glad Ca pics done...brilliant!...and what...in just a few minutes...sweet




As well, Llama and Ob are bearing down on the wiki relentlessly non stop with the data fill ins for the set items... fantastic job, both of you.


And of course...Pevil has just made an appearance and...done this:




Claire, lol...there's a lot of guides to format huh!

ahhh, darlin :4rofl: they will soon be done, bit by bit... they will be wikified!



:bow: to all



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*hooks up a pc beside Funki's pool*


You deserve a break Funki so enjoy that drink and chilling out in the summertime...hehe I say this with the door open looking out at a very cripsy frosty view! Looks pretty though :D

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