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thx gogo hehe :thumbsup:


all Dark elf Combat Arts has been pictufied :4rofl: De done


Bm Combat Arts has also been Picufied


more to the wiki Combat Arts picks :D


only think that seraphim is left now + maybe 1or 2 wood elfs

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Just finished a major overhaul to the Undead Legion chain quest including a new main page. All NPC's for it now done too http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Undead_Legion

Another batch of CM Patch sets finished.   Shadow Warrior: Doom Guard Armor   Seraphim: Genesis Siderea Impressions of Sophia   Inquisitor: Disgraced Gods The Judicator  

Hi gang I'm proud to present what I worked on today, not least of all because it was a lot of fun!   Today I made videos and pictures and added them to each individual Dragon Mage CA page. You can

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Spell Damage formula added, I can't add the weapon damage (that poor part of it I've found) because I lost the data :(

Anyway, I'll add the constant parameters in the list in the Spell Damage Formula's Parameters page and than I'll finally start to work on the Daemon's metagame articles :D


Don't expect updates very soon!! :D xD

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Guest FrostElfTwin
...hehe I say this with the door open looking out at a very cripsy frosty view! Looks pretty though :)


Hey! No peeking! ...and... Definitely NO laughing!





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lol, this Wiki's like the coolest online game ever.

A few days ago I was hunting around on other game wiki's for hot table code...then found this one, and Brad helped with getting it going on our Wiki...problem was the alternating of colors was, at five am in the morning...just something that kept evading us.


Came back in early this morning form work at 3.30 and ... lol... Gial had stepped in and done a nifty description of the table and...sorted out the alternating colors.




Nice work guys!






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just looked at the tablets for all skills for classes that ya posted in the link their, heavenly magic is red in colour is red.


we still need some seraphim picks :D

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We have 228 "dead end pages" in the wiki now. These are pages that do not link to any other page. Kind of defeats the concept of the wiki. I'm gonna be trying to fill in some data on them, and get more cross linking going here.


There is also a paucity of good tabular setups. I may attempt to write a general purpose table template, too.


and the Heavenly Magic was red because the page had not yet been created (thats what all the red links are - nonexistant pages)


Here's how I've been going about linking and adding pages - just a thought but it works for me:


First, I type the code marking links as I think they should read, then preview it


Second, any links that are blue are good; I leave them alone.


Third, if there are any red links, I open "Special Pages" in a new window, then go to "All Pages" and scroll through the list looking for what I'm trying to link but may be expressed slightly different. If I find it, I go back and change my link to a piped link, so it reads the same, but links to the existing page. If I don't find it, I leave the link as is.

Finally, (if I remember), I click the red link and {{ stub }} the page, so it gets created. Super ambition would even put something useful there too.

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Ah good eyes gial. Looks like most of those dead ends are CA pages and Uniques pages. That should be easy enough to fix while I work on other things. Very nice tip about using the piped links too. It's come in handy a couple of times for me. For those not aware of piped links read this:



Just popped in to say formatting and CA videos as well as pics by Epox are complete in the Gladiators CA pages. :D Here's a few examples:


Stomping Jump

Dagger Stare




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Just accidentally discovered the page inclusion ability by looking at some of Schot/Nihilith's work. Wow. I have a big learning curve to cover here. :D I think a lot of what I've done could be done much better this way. So neat and clean. A lot easier to keep synchronized, too.


Good news and bad news: Good for me, I am finally able to get some time off at work. Bad for my contributions here, I will be gone for about two weeks. I may have occasional access to the 'net on dial up (Mom and Dad live waaaay out in the boonies in New Mexico), but no guarantees.


@Schot: I really like the look to the skills table. I was bugged by all the headings being left aligned, so went in to fix it. hehe. After a half hour of trying everything I could think of, I had to Cancel the edit. Could have saved myself the trouble had I but used my noggin -- you've way more experience than I, and if you left the heads left aligned, there's a reason. :P


{{: tata for now}}


PS: Schot: You've nudged me enough now about IE 6. Went out and downloaded Firefox tonight. The runes look much better now in the tables. It'll take some adjusting on my part, but I was not enamored with IE -- it's just what I need to use for work.

Edited by gial
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lol gial. Oh it was not by any amount of want that I left it left, hehe. I was going bonkers with all the aligning and just had to take a break. Aligning the headers is proving a bit of a task. They just don't seem to want to center. If I change the headers into regular cells like the rest then it all centers easily... Where there's a will there's a way though. :P


Ah and so you're getting some much deserved time off then eh? Well I hope you enjoy it well gial. We know you had a very busy few weeks at work. No doubt you'll be smiling for the first few days straight, haha.


Say hi to mah and pah for me! :hugs:




@gial: lol Woohoo! :D

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Guest FrostElfTwin
On your funny message list Gogo.... my guess would be that the Blue Fairy one is a reference to Pinocchio... the character name was even "Blue Fairy".....


FrostElfGuard cannot edit Funny Messages:




GET A LIFE! Stop playing computer games!---Reference to William Shatner telling Star Trek fans in a Skit on "Saturday Night Live!" to stop watching his old show and live their lives directly, not through a show.


Blue Fairy : I used to read Fairy Tales (very bloody minded) when young... there was a Green Fairy Book, a Red Fairy Book and Blue Fairy Book. Perhaps this refers to those.

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you should be able to edit it /frosty, but I just noticed that you have two accounts here at darkmaters, lol. So before I start deleting...can you just tell me which one you want to log into the wiki with?

Frost elfguard or frostelf twin?


Once you tell me, I'll reset your forum password here which will reset your wiki password as well, and leave you with only one account between forum and wiki.





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okay im doing the all class uni thing now


iv done the ones below here:


Staves and wands


1-handed sword

1-hande axes

Edited by Epox
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Epox, superb job. lol, I woke up this morning to this...your name plastered all over the recent changes page:




Okay and the last two days were my days off for me...so I tried to really make it count...here's a running list of what was added to the wiki with you guys:


1-New Skin and functionalities on SacredWiki Main Page (Discussion thread for this new page here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?sh...ic=6218&hl= )






2-New Interface page has been added...this is a page explaining how the Sacred game interface works, and the baseline for this was created from the Sacred Gold Online Manual. I see the baseline as a beginner sort of thingy, so if you have more comments you'd like to add to this, please go ahead...this is an example of how it looks so far:




3-With Nightwolfe's unique pictures contribution and with us inputting the massive number of pictures, the uniquiary is slowly getting there, and now when you press View All you get a running list of all Uniques for any particular Class!


4-New SacredWiki Index page colors and headers




This is an area of primary importance in the wiki as it's probably the most viewed page to get to info. Brad has redone the box colors and added new code for the headers. He's really thinking outside of the box here and is hoping that everytime we insert a level two header his new and unique code for headers will automatically put in a graphical template with the headers name inside it!


5-llama has worked on the patches and expansion for the wiki and it's looking good so far:




The links to all the game's downloads is on that page..and it's a nightmare to work with arggggggggghhhh...llama, hopefully you can check the links and see if what I did was okay for your patches explanation?


And that's that.. the wiki is getting along nicely and just working with you guys on a project at once is an incredible feeling.


Sentence by sentence...when everyone has some time is the way wiki's are built...and this one's gonna be good!





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I will put in stubs for the silly messages texts when I have the time and find out what the messages are from when not allready written down

Dredd, great seeing you on the Wiki...and of course...it it's most humorous part...Silly Messages!





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Epox you're a Bloody machine......



on a side note.. I wanted to discuss a page on the wiki but I didn't have access.. so I'll post it here


on the page character class


section character skills


Every character begins with two Skills, and learns up to six more as they progress. Additional skills are available for "learning" at levels 3, 6, 12, 20, 30 and 50. Skills become available to different character classes at different levels. For every character class, there are skills that will not be available. Each skill supplies differing benefits to the character. Choose wisely, as once chosen, they cannot be un-learned.


should be either sidenoted or otherwise put in a remark that you can also turn of the starting skills and select 2 skills yourself at the beginning of the game. Maybe an extra section about the settings.cfg file:)

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