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Just finished a major overhaul to the Undead Legion chain quest including a new main page. All NPC's for it now done too http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Undead_Legion

Another batch of CM Patch sets finished.   Shadow Warrior: Doom Guard Armor   Seraphim: Genesis Siderea Impressions of Sophia   Inquisitor: Disgraced Gods The Judicator  

Hi gang I'm proud to present what I worked on today, not least of all because it was a lot of fun!   Today I made videos and pictures and added them to each individual Dragon Mage CA page. You can

Posted Images

Thanks gogo, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to add the links. I just posted a thread on the SIF like you suggested so we'll see how it goes in a few days. I'm really going to need help with the Daemon and Dwarf since I don't have UW. But at least the links are set up to where all you have to do is to click on the link and the editing page is ready to go.

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Ah very cool Gothic. I'll keep your efforts in mind whenever I play. Those sayings pages are so cool to read. :)



Almost there! The only other thing you'll need to do is resize it. For exmple:


This is the normal size of the Amarri's Golden Hood after you take a screenshot.



This is the resized version of the Amarri's Golden Hood which we use on the wiki.




And here is an example from your work of Lloraneth's Furry Greaves:


Your original screenshot size.



And a resize version good for the wiki.




In photoshop what you need to do to make sure your pics are a good size go to the menu and click Image and then Image size... You will see this small window:



Change the green areas to what you see in the above pic to make it the right size.


To show you what your work will look like I have added the first one in for you. Have a look!

Lloraneth's Furry Greaves


Cheers! :)

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Thanks Schot! I really apprecitate it. I really do. Man, I love this site and all you guys are awesome (including me) hehe. BTW gogo, Schot... Would there be anyway to promote to something else like "maybe" moderater or something (Editor in Chief)? Just a thought, oh well, probably not but oh well, at least I tried anyway. G'day all!

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Glad you're enjoy the fun, Gothic. lol, the wiki is pretty addictive and without the help of so many contributors it would never have gotten off the ground so fast. The amount of content put up in two months is still astonishing.


Welcome aboard!




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About three hundred edits later :twitch:

lol, I was able to stick all the pic links into each unique page iteself. This way when someone clicks on a specific unique or does a search, SacredWiki will now pull up a page with the image in it.




As well, the wiki posses functionality enough to spin out all unques in a listing any which way we want.


Armor Glow page has been tidied up with the images now resized, and we have a great looking content page.




Onwards now to Monster pics!





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Oooook! Well I had a long break from wiki-ing but looks like the fever is back. Nearing completion of the character set images. Just completed the Dameon set images. One more character to go. Woohoo! Vampiress... Here I come! :)


Have a looksy at what I gone done. Keep in mind that good Therion made the awesome renders on the Daemon pages. :)



Draelokk's Wings




Dralkcib's Puissance




Kleb-Dracad's Remedy



Pandora's Box




Taelon's Judgement



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  • 8 months later...

I added two tons of enemies to the wiki, but now I'm pretty tired. I still have some to add in the Undead, T-Mutant and Humanoid Monster categories, but I've added like 20+ already tonight and I'm too tired to finish.


High Elf, Human, Orc, Trap, Monster were updated.

Edited by Little Sara
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Nice work Sara! Boatload of enemies.


lol, I had a hard time keeping up with you this morning :)


I created unique pages for all your entries on the index page, moved in your enemy title bars for info into to the new pages, also added categories per entry.





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Is this the thread to track progress on the Sacred 2 side of the wiki, also? I haven't found a lot of info on what people are working on for Sacred 2, vice the load of work on the Sacred 1 side of things. I made a post below before I noticed this one, about wanting/working on tables to show the relevant naked bonuses for maxed out attributes/Combat Arts, to be able to better plan out long-term character growth. I -think- all the attributes have tables up through their max point distribution (albeit with commas instead of periods, which I might try to fix, 'cause it makes me think there are 2 numbers instead of one with a decimal place), so if so, great, I'll just start punching in runes.


EDIT::: I've done very little wiki'ing, so please bear with my growing pains...

Edited by Cocytus
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As much as we can we're tracking additions to the wiki here on this topic, but some topics have been started for special projects that are rather large and need their own topic.


Cocytus, just saw your work on the wiki...good job. Feel free to take out the commas, lol, there's a topic about that somewhere here where another person working on the math noticed it as well.


We've decided to stick with just using the round decimals to make things easier for readers and contributers.


Thanks for the work!





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I've added some info yesterday to some of Dryad CAs, and changed few things in others. I hope it will be helpful, really looking forward to do something more on wiki :( Will upload more about dryad since I'm running 2 of them, 1 magic 1 distance build



Edited by kukiz1
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Ah ha! Was wondering if you'd come and make a post on the forum. The work you're doing on the wiki is great...thanks for the help. I saw a ton of edits and was thinking, who is this guy ^^


Thanks for your time on this, kukiz1






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I can add sometimes some info and screens in bestiary but screens in Polish version only if that doesn't make a problem?


edit: made some changes on CAs and some bestiary and regions




Edited by kukiz1
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Ahh, for the stats pic part of the bestiary listing it would have to be in English...however you could still add screenshot pix to the pic part as long as you copy the template in and put in words like PLACE STATS HERE in the other part of the template code for the bestiary pages that needs the stat pics...this way peeps know to put info in regarding that stats pic.


Lucas, you can speak Polish?


hmmm, I also have a wonderful idea since you're you're so active on the wiki and can speak another language,have you considered using the wiki's language tool to add your own Polish version of pages already on the wiki? ^^






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Ummm I can do some work about it, how to use it?

About pix, I can add Polish pic and do English Names for mobs next to it? Cause I have made some today.


btw. I have almost finished on my research on 150+ eaten runes regen. Got 102/150 :)

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I added some screens of new items (jewelery). the screens are not the best cuz im playing in high resolution.


on the other hand: I found that "Skullsmasher" (hafted one handed weapon) is not listed on the full list of uniques and I completly dont have any idea how to fix that cuz everything is looking fine.

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Wonderful work Prodiii. lol, when I pressed "recent changes" on the wiki, I saw your name in multiple hits running down all across the left side of the page ^^

You said you were taking the screenies in high res... is this 1200 x 1600?






p.s. interesting...I thought we had a "skullsmasher" in the wiki, but off hand, couldn't find it right now. Prodiii, is it a Legendary Item perhaps? IF so, you can add it to this page here:




And to get that "look" all you have to do is press edit on that index page and you can copy the exact same code template that was used in a previous contribution right in your one to get the same template running on yours.

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p.s. interesting...I thought we had a "skullsmasher" in the wiki, but off hand, couldn't find it right now. Prodiii, is it a Legendary Item perhaps? IF so, you can add it to this page here:


No, it's a Unique Gogo (I've got one in my stash).

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Just had a look at the latest on the wiki and stumbled upon the Wet Danger quest write up. lol @ reward. Nice work Antitrust. :thumbsup:


Sacred 2:Wet_Danger



I just saw this, nice work Trust! Would it help if I added a link to this guide to the boss page on our big eight limbed cephalopod ?





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