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Happy Thanksgiving and Howdy from Highlander

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Howdy Old friends and new -


I have not disappeared from the face of the earth. I did want stop by and wish all of you the greatest of Thanksgiving Days (and for my friends in Canada... errr ... um... Happy Thursday and belated Happy Thanksgiving).


Since I retired from OGame a while back, I've busy with real life things. As you may remember, I was awarded a contract to provide interim management services to a long-time client right here in my home town of Raleigh, NC. I was thrilled that I didn't have to engage the skies as a road warrior any longer. It was so refreshing not to have to pass through airport security each morning as a condition to arrive at work.


The management team I had the opportunity to direct in this hospital was a great group. Results oriented, hard working, and a real pleasure to coach and mentor. The original engagement was for a term of three months and began last April with a month-by-month renewal. July came and went, August did too. In September, the Senior Financial Executive and I had a talk as she had been pressured by my team and others in the organization to keep me around on a more permanent basis. I was excited about the chance. Great pay potential, super benefits, a growing organization with a record of profitability and well respected in the community.


I went through a series of interviews in late September and October with the other executives, hospital president and certain board members. An offer was made that knocked my socks off - lets say 30% more than I expected... I took it!


I started there fulltime October 22 and now after a month of really digging in - truly feel I made the best decision in my entire career.


Time really is a luxury now - of course I'm back to the executive schedule of 50 -55 hours a week and this is really the first time I've had to stop long enough to drop in and say Howdy.


I miss you guys a lot - I see OGame has taken a back seat to a renewed interest in Sacred. The SacredWiki is an awesome idea. The new look is just super. The forums seem busier than ever and so many new names and faces. Wow!!


I hope this wish of a happy holiday finds you all well and oh --- don't forget to fleetsave...

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Highlander, it's great to see you :o and a couple more :P It's fantastic news about your career developments, I hope that you'll be able to pop by again and keep us all in touch with you. The loss of the commute must feel a wonderful freedom!



Ahh come on over to the bar and lets kick back with a drinkie!...have a wonderful Thanks Giving and I really look forward to seeing you again:D



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Ah Highlander. It's been a long time indeed!


It sounds like you've had a fantastically successful time with your career. It sounds very exciting and quite rewarding by the sound of your telling. A very sincere congratulations to you my friend. :P


Ah yes and Sacred here is driving faster and faster as we approach the most Sacred of days... March 31st, 2008. :o The SacredWiki is I think the most exciting project I've had the pleasure of dabbling with. I think I'm more addicted to the Wiki than the game, lol. Will we see you in Sacred 2? I hope so! :hugs:


Happy Thanksgiving to you Highlander. And thank you for coming in to say hello. Miss seeing your deep insightful posts. :)

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Hey Highlander, great to see you around and better to see that all is well and your career is on track. Excellent to reduce that commute. Got mine down to walking 5-10 minutes and life is about as good as it gets! :o


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, spending mine on the Outer Banks with family. Then it is back to hunting He Who Must Not Be Named. :hugs:


So there is a life after oGame:) :P

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Yes, there is life after Ogame...and Highlander has found it. As much as before, I love reading your posts... and this one is even better than your tales of a life "Italian" style! After so long here, what a comback...and he job sounds fantastic, I'm delighted that the job is working out so well...you sound like you're on top of the ball, and it looks like after a lot of hard work on this the new job is treating you well. Coaching, ain't it great? I've found with all the jobs I've done, nothing beats out teaching, and if you've got great peeps to work with the rewards are something that follow us home.


You're happy, it shows...now don't stay away too long ya hear? Sacred 2 is coming up...a lot sooner every day it seems, and...did you check out the new www.sacredwiki.org? I've read a lot of your guides, and there's space in the new site with your name on it if you can squeeze out some time.


See you at the bar soon, and keep safe.








p.s. are you playing any video games at all these day...what are you doing in off hours...still with lord of the rings?

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