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Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Water Effects

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Well as has been mentioned on the SIF a new video displaying Sacred 2 Fallen Angel water effects has been put on display to wet our appetites and I've brought the video here to be enjoyed by all. I find the water effects have been done very well and can't wait to go splahing through the puddles! :twitch:


Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Water Effects, Stage6



Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Water Effects, Youtube

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awesome...nothing like water effects really "gets" a player into a game environment.

er... can anyone say resource hog?





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Ah you know... Wouldn't it be cool if you could swim underwater and even fight enemies underwater. :) That would be cool!

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haha the bathing part would be great for dwarfs on underworld to :P

and if u should figth underwater in sacred2 would it be with harpun?


and btw when we are talking about Sacred 2 on the trailers and vids I havent seen a single crossbow and I dont remember seeing a bow either :S


PS: nice vids schot

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Have a adventure feel to it, gosh I might just be by the river all the time. Just standing there stare into oblivion, the daydreamer build. :P

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