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Unique Uniques to help you SB train!

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Well it's been a very long time coming. I think I had mentioned I would post this info months ago but sadly it keeps getting put on hold. So I just thought I'd post to let you all know that I will certainly explain this process in the future. Ok, well. See you later then! lol. Joking! :)


Well as some of you may already know I discovered two new Uniques in Sacred that no one has EVER seen before. Yes yes, I'm special. :D The Uniques below are amazing for increasing SB(Survival Bonus) and aid greatly in the training of it.


I present to you! *drum rolls*


The Unique Uniques!


I must say it was quite a challenge to find these items but once you've found them you'll be good to go. What you'll need to do is socket the Minty Fresh Horn of Pressing into The Survivors Bridle of Snapsticity and then harness your mouse to ride on into elite SB. Hi ho mousey, away! :D




To be continued... :)



The REAL SB Trick

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Hahahaha! What? :D



Ok, well that was a bit of an opener. Hehe. *adjusts horns* I'm going to need to make a video to help explain how I do this but those uniques really do work. I swear! :)


Back tomorrow with the second half. :)

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Mwahaha! Yes! I am! iconhell_surrealthoughtz_mwahahaa.gif



Ok, video is up. I guess I should explain myself before the townsfolk turn into a lynch mob, lol.



So here's the thing. There are 2 or 3 tricks out there for building SB but unfortunately those tricks still require you to check your character every 10-15 mins. Achieving 90% SB however requires your character to train for about 8 hours. That's a lot of checking... When I decided to try to create a level 1 Dwarf with a level 254 Greed I also decided to take an extra step and make my SB as high as possible to improve the Dwarfs overall MF.


What I tried to do was create a macro using my game controller that would move my character a tiny step every 10 minutes. It was all going quite well when I accidentally discovered a much simpler way. I had my training grounds already chosen and while testing I bumped into a game object that caused my character to run back and forth. Eureka! I thought. I attempted to duplicate the phenomenon and found it was really quite easy.


I call it...

The SB Jig!



Using the "uniques" I mention in my first post is how I get this done. You use the elastic band to wrap around your mouse and then put something the size of a toothpaste cap, (Yes, I actually do use a toothpaste cap, hahaha.), under the elastic band in order to hold down the left mouse button which will keep you in a constant run. The area I've chosen in the video I've found is the most convenient in terms of how close it is to your start point as well as the fact that the object to "Jig" against is very easy to work. Objects to Jig against are all over Ancaria, you may have experienced this throughout Ancaria. Some are difficult to maintain a constant jig but I'm sure there are many that can be found and easily done. I haven't tried to look for another however. Some points of interest here is firstly... The bow. You'll need a bow to activate the health circle under your feet when nearby an enemy. A bow in this case differs from a staff or melee weapon in that It allows you to be further away from an enemy while still maintaining your health circle at your feet. Try it and you'll see. :lol: The next thing of course is an enemy. You need to have an enemy somewhere on screen in order to make sure your health circle is active. The health circle is an indicator that your SB is slowly increasing. Notice in the video that I make sure to get the enemies attention before I start to jig. In the video you only see one enemy but my preference is to have two enemies on screen. When SB training if I only see one enemey in the training grounds I will most likely leave the server and come back to try and have at least two enemies.


More on the SB Jig:

Getting the jig to work in this spot I've chosen is really quite easy to do. As you see I stop for a moment before running into the spot that would cause the jig. It is at this point you would put on your "uniques"(elastic band and toothpaste cap). Get your character into a constant run and then ram yourself into that spot. Easy as can be. Watch my cursor in the video. Keep the path I'm drawing for my character to run in mind. I'm not suggesting that you need to follow it exactly but I point this out because some folks I've shown this trick to have had trouble doing it and I'm thinking it is at this point where they might be having trouble. It's important that you don't ever keep your cursor near the toes of your character. Try to keep your cursor a fair distance in front. Once your character is happily doing a jig plant and keep your cursor the same as I have mine to lock yourself in. :(


Final notes:

Now in previous posts I have said I would do this just before going to bed. The reason is because in order for this trick to work you must have Sacred on screen the whole time. No multi tasking, no switching to other programs. The moment you switch to a different program or your desktop your character will sadly stop dancing. So best way to do this is to set it up before bed or before you go to work and simply turn your monitor off. Keep in mind that servers are reset twice a day so the first couple of times you try this you may or may not discover that the time you chose to start dancing is close to a server reset. In which case adjust your timing to suit. :)


Oh and please don't lock yourself in a private server thus taking away resources from people who want to "play" the game, lol. Try the less often used servers like 4 player or PvP. Granted... If you are training a level 1 character it is very unlikely that anyone will be passing through that area in Bronze. Besides, if its a level 1 character you are training then there really isn't anything to loose. Just don't transfer any items to it until after you've achieved the SB you want. Personally, I find 2 overnight sessions to be enough.



So there you have it folks. Have fun with it and I hope this helps to add a bit of a spark to this fine wine of a game. :Just_Cuz_21:

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Ha Ha Ha, I knew it was going to be something like that.


Earlier today I downloaded a macro program capable of controling the mouse. Then I though of something else. I put both accounts on the island in PVP and used my own uniques to lock them into a bow and arrow fight while I dropped the kids to school. Of course both were kicked as they were not moving, but I did managed to get 20% SB for my trouble.

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Interesting, I tried that area myself but found a problem with the enemies wandering away from time to time. Their roaming area is too large right there, so if they lose interest in you, then you get inconsistent SB building (by not always being in combat).


The place I use is just outside the Bellvue fort, but I admit the positioning of the cursor has to be much more exact. However, the goblin I use will never wander out of combat range (with a bow/xbow of course) as he has a very small roaming area.


The other problem in finding a place to use is that the jig, as you call it, must result in a change of X/Y coordinates. I've found places where my X/Y doesn't change and after a period of time I get booted.

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Very true about those lil dudes possibly wandering off. It's the one of the two things that makes this trick a bit err, tricky. What I tend to do is make sure there are two or three of those enemies nearby. If I enter the area and only see one then I'll leave the server and try again. The other negative to this is that you're only safe so long as the gate remains closed. Should someone happen to stroll by they could open the gate leaving you in danger or further still the passerby would likely kill the enemies that are giving you the SB. But one of the reasons I chose that spot was also because of it's convenience of being so close by the point of entry onto the server.


I'd much prefer your spot though. Less likely that someone would come by that way and also more secure. I tried that spot many times but found it very hard to get it just right. You'll have to give me a lesson sometime, lol.



Something I had considered was to find a safe and easy place to "jig" and just draw an enemy over. Ideally the drawn enemy would be trapped into a spot. Kinda like those cages in Braverock. Another thing that could work is to trap an enemy inside a house and find a spot to jig off of on the second floor.


Don't forget to bring your unique uniques! :)

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Here is the sweet spot (it's zoomed in a little to show detail, do this zoomed all the way out). Notice the dark feature looks a little like a number 7.


I stand roughly right there. Position the cursor out in the middle of the stream (being careful not to target and kill the goblin) and apply your "uniques" (I actually just use the rubber band but to each their own). Slowly slide the cursor down the stream. The goal is to get your cursor so the right side point of the cursor comes near the top bar of the #7 feature but not quite touching it (like this). Now because you're dancing the jig, your cursor will actually being moving back and forth from that position (away from the 7 and back again). Every once in a while, your toon will dance just a little to one side, but should come back to the main position. If your toon keeps running in place for five minutes, then it should be good to go until the server reset.

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Great pic! :D

I was discussing about it with a friend of mine, trying to figure out some other uniques to use.. ..'cause horn and elastic band simply didn't work with my deformed mouse. :unsure:


Thanks to him, at the end, we discovered that the simplest way to obtain the "dance effect" is to disconnect the mouse. It's only necessary to click the left-button and then turn off the mouse (wireless), or disconnect the usb cable. It works with touchpad too. :D

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Ohhh Schot you are the best!

Um maybe you told before, but could you tell us your secret? Where did you found it and which monster dropped it? *whistle*

I hope I will found 1 also soon. (sry if you told before and I couldnt understand)

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Ohhh Schot you are the best!

Um maybe you told before, but could you tell us your secret? Where did you found it and which monster dropped it? *whistle*

I hope I will found 1 also soon. (sry if you told before and I couldnt understand)

Schot's too clever for our own good. :butcher:


These are real life objects and not in-game objects. What he means is a regular rubber band and a toothpaste tube cap. I personally just use a good rubber band. I know someone else who uses a piece of duct tape. And Patroclo suggests simply unplugging the mouse once the proper alignment is found.


You scroll your mouse to a space where there's no enemy and you use the rubber band to hold the mouse button down, thus creating a permanent click. The toon will try to run towards the point of the cursor but because of objects in his path, the toon can't get there and just dances back and forth instead.

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lol, whoops!


Maybe I should link the first post to the 10th post that explains the "real" deal, hehe. *halo* Thanx for the explanation masteff. :oooo:


tomi. Here is a link to a post in this topic that will explain things without all the "magic tricks" The SB Trick


As for the item pictures in the first post... Ummm. I photoshoped them using photos I took of an elastic band and a tooth paste cap. Mwahaha! :butcher:


Keep in mind that there are many places you can do this. Not just the place I chose. In my video you will see that my fave spot is in the start of UW. masteff has chosen a different spot which is in bellvue. So there are probably many other places that this can be done. We just haven't explored other places yet. :)

masteff's fave spot

Zoomed in


Zoomed out

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hehe I know these places and the trick :4rofl: but what I dont understand is: "These are real life objects".

:4rofl: The pictures really looked as a real life item but is it really found in game? OR just a funny joke from schot :blush:


hehe sry for my hard "conception".

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Oh I had so much fun with this tomi, lol. I confess those items can not be found in the game, hehe. I created the images you see below from photoshop using bits and pieces of game elements with real world elements. I'm pretty sure I was laughing to myself the whole time I was making them too. Evil plans, oh yes such eeeevil plans! :4rofl:


The good news is that those items will be a lot easier to find in the real world than anything in the game. :4rofl:


Notice also the writing in the item stats. I had quite a lot of fun typing in the stats. Mwahaha. It's just my sick sense of humor. Just a schoty joke.




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Hahahaha :4rofl:


Now that was fun! Ohh if I would know earlier haha!

Okey now I know the truth. (I love the Schoty tricks and jokes)

Haha just one more thing: Pls make jokes like this many more times haha. (maybe next time ill understand it :4rofl: )

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It's an interesting way, but a bit tedious, don't You think?


Here's what works with 99% less setup time:


*Go rght outside the starting town

*find a spot without NPC soldiers

*gather some monsters and let them whack You once

*casually walk to the next non-fighter-npc or a sign and click on it.

*Leave Your gaming machine on for the night :o


This takes advantage of Sacred not letting You get hit when a message window is up. The monsters are still around, though, and are never tired of trying to kill You. Your SB increases normally :)


Tried and tested.



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Welcome to DarkMatters!


Um, the idea is good, but after a time, if you dont move your character you will be kicked.

And if you let pc run for the whole night you'll be 100% sure kicked.


The way to go is already found out---you have to go to a place where your toon moves automaticly. Complicated...someone will explain :o

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Hi Sylvine, and welcome to DarkMatters!


Tomi's right on getting kicked out... the game will automatically do it after a certain amount of time... I don't remember anymore exactly how much. I dug up this guide that Sylph did with his research on SB which is pretty fun to read and informative:







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