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Perma -Meele Vampiress

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Ok I was recently on the SIF looking over the character section. And Saw some people were having problems with Vamps. Well I thought I would put my 2 cents in on this.




Basic skill structure for a Perma-Meele Vamp ( I will explain why )


level 1 Vamperism- Keep this maxed out

Weapon Lore - 50 points is all that is needed add more if you feel its nessacary


level 3 Concentration - 3/4's of toons level


level 6 Axe Lore or Sword Lore - 30 points in all no more no less


level 12 Armor - 25 points


level 20 Constitution - 1/2 of toons level


level 30 Agility - as much as needed this is a look and feel situation


level 50 Parrying - as much as needed this is a look and feel situation



Reason for the skill choices

Lets start with the 1st 2 skills Vamperism Reduces your sun damage and weapon lore increases the damge you do to foe's

so with that said I Generally Keep My Vamperism maxed out throughout the build. Weapon lore Max it to 50 and raise it as needed


level 3 skill Concetration this lowers the regen times of the left hand side of the combat arts tree even in Vamp form. For a long time there was a debate on this. With players on the SIF and other forums but, I assure you this is the skill you want to take for a meele vamp. Blood lust is a good skil but not for this build as it lowers the regen time of the right hand side of your combat art tree and will not effect the left hand side.


level 6 Axe Lore or Sword Lore Why would I choose these over say ranged combat or Long Handled Weapons. Simple A vamp does more Damage with Swords and Axes than the other Weapon skill choices. And the skill Choices are essential in raising your attack rating and attack Speed


level 12 Armor For those of you who do not know what this skill does. Its simple It raises your defence and allows you to move easier in armor


level 20 Constitution This is how your life is built up it adds to your total HP's a must have in Hardcore and a Must have as you will be in Vamp form most of the time with this build


level 30 Agility Adds to your defence and your attack


level 50 Parrying Adds to your defence and allows you to parry enemy attacks


With these skill choices you now have a basic tank with enough take down power and defence to satisfy your wicked little dreams.



Attributes and where to sink these points

Forever phys regen like I said your going to be in vamp form most of the time and your going to take sun damage during the day. So you need a way to recover fast and its nice because it also adds to your HP's



Combat arts which ones are the best for this build


Ripping Claws ( Attack )

Whriling Claws (Multi-Hit)

Turn into Vamp or TiV

Claw Jump ( for crossing rivers also works to stun mobs )




In general you will only need 1 combo for this build and it allows you to free up your Combat arts timer for your attacks.

The combo you will use is TiV and not the TiK (turn into Knight). Make sure you keep your vamperism maxed and that your TiV combo isnt higher than your Vamperism skill keeping them close in level is generally a good idea but if you go over your defeating having your vamperism skill at all and will burn up faster in the day.




For this build I like a full set of Thorwyns, Esal's Shoulders, Lady Malgory Gloves, and a good belt from the merchant one that has sockets and gives a good bonus set. Weapons I generally go for Thaines axe of flames this is the god of axes and if your a sword vamp there are a number of good unique swords the vamp can wield. if you choose the Axe Vamp over the sword vamp and are using 1 hnd weapons Any of the Vamp shields will offer a good amount of defence.




Generally you dont need to ready to many runes with this build. Socketing the runes that match your Combat Arts into your armor will give you the life leach and some extended night (if you choose to have a high powered claw jump) But as for your attacks With Attack and MH (multi-hit) those runes will give you the life leach you need to help you stay alive and aid in regening your life faster as will the TiV runes are another good thing to socket.


Regen to Special Move or RSM, Crit Hit, + to Combat Arts and + to skills

These are nice to have to socket as well if you have a low level trader and have the capability to obtain these items. But they are very optional.



Well I hope you found this informative and usefull enjoy.

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