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How to register and contribute to SacredWiki

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Fantastic! Your permissions have been updated, and you can now edit teh Wiki. I have you questions or want others to see or follow your work, you can post or use this thread here:


Happy you have found us, and welcome to the team!

YOu can log into the wiki with the same nic as you use here, I have sent you an email with the log in link and your temp password



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1 hour ago, PureMisery said:

Hi there.

I found the Sacred Underworld books wiki page extra helpful, so I'd like to add some missing books and maybe fix a couple of noticed typos.

  • Anducar's Court
  • The Enslavement of the Dwarves
  • Into the Abyss
  • The Haduk and the Nuk-Nuk

Delighted to have you here on the boards, and wanting to help with the Wiki!

I've sent you pm and email with a log in


welcome to DarkMatters!





p.s. I'm sure that one day in our future...these books will get frontispieces or become illustrated ! :pirate: 

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