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As posted on Sacred2.com:

Dear friends and fans of SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel


We would have preferred to announce the delay to the release date at an earlier stage, but there are many reasons why we could only inform you of it now.


A longer development process requires maximum performance in all areas, and a large number of people are involved in that process. In a crucial decision making phase it is impossible to communicate important news directly – we hope you understand.


An extension of the development process was necessary in order to ensure that we realize all the development plans and ship both PC and Xbox 360 versions with the best possible quality and stability.


A game as complex as SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel, with its many technical innovations, requires extensive testing and balancing in all areas. In certain areas of development we often had to make our way into uncharted territory when it came to implementing the new technologies which are required to make SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel the game that we set out to make. This inevitably led to situations where satisfactory realization of a vision took a bit longer than originally planned.


So, what to do? Scrap features? No, definitely not!


Patch with a patch as only a patch can patch? No, that's also out of the question!


The most important thing, after all, is the game. Fortunately for everyone, we are in the enviable position where all involved parties (share holders, banks and distributors) agreed to our plans for continuing to develop SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel according to our vision and create the best action RPG possible.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our partners for their support and belief in both Ascaron and in SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel.


We'd like to ask our fans and friends for their understanding, and we hope that any potential disappointment is outweighed by looking forward to a superb SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel release in September 2008. Indeed, it is quite likely that many of you will have a chance to beta test the game.

Shortly before the release we'd like to make a demo available to the public and, who knows, maybe we will have a surprise ready for the Games Convention 2008… Watch this space.


You can rest assured that the Ascaron team is pulling out all the stops to deliver a SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel game that not only meets the high expectations, but blows those expectations clean out of the water!

Season's greetings and a happy New Year to one and all


The Ascaron Team

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although from now to September is a loooong wait :o (and I really want the game like a week ago :4rofl:) Iam glad Ascaron takes the time they need to do it RIGHT :D


keep up the good work :P



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Oh I fully agree Its better to wait and have a clean game, but oh the pain!! But I am still excited, I still cant wait!


secretly hoping I can help test it haha wink wink nudge nudge!!

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mumble mumble -_-


guess there s a few bugs and stuff. eh?

as long as I havent spent all my money by then I guess I will survive. :4rofl:

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It's really ok they are spending more time... that way I can save up more money for a better computer for when it actually is released :D

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Oh that is tough news to take. :bomb:


I know it's better this way though. Ascaron should of course take all the time they need to prepare the solid game they want it to be. September is soooo far away though! Ah well... They say patience is a virtue. :P


Good decision Ascaron and glad they got the backing they needed from their sponsors. :D

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Ah so true syn. Haha. That was the first thing gogo said to me. More time for the SacredWiki. :D

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Ahh well it'll be worth the wait, better it's all ironed out than needing a heap of patches. :D


Thanks for the heads up Carolyn :lol:

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The funny thing is that I had originally always expected the game to be released sometime around fall /08. I had always thought that the spring release was early, and so I'm not all that upset by a later release date.

And yes Syn...we can get more stuff done on SacredWiki in time for Sacred 2.





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