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From the Pillory --


Tue Jan 22 2008 9:52:31 SYSTEM Anestty Thu Jan 1 1970 1:33:33 PAYMENT


Is GameForge finally showing its hand? Pay us money or we will ban you! :)


- Ike

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Yeh well - I am not a happy puppy


I paid for commander - I have the receipt - the money was taken from the Visa account. I was banned.


For 3 days I try to find out what this means - no GO knows. I finally get to speak to a GA in irc.ogame.org - first thing he says 'you just got commander right?' me: 'yes' him: 'There are known issues and staff are unable to un ban them for some reason. Put in a ticket to GF - they should be able to help.' Grrr - I had 2 days earlier.


I finally get a response from them, if you could call it that - saying the only way they can un ban me is if I send a further 16 Eur's to this account, and when the problem is resolved it 'may' be refunded etc.


I give up - lol - I will do it because I am not letting rank 16 account ( >_> was then - who knows today ) be perma banned for what amounts to $25.00 Australian. But - as you may imagine - I am piiiiissssssssssed.

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Ahh Coopsy that really sucks big time, amounts to extortion in my book :) Once you are unbanned you could make a huge pain in the ass out of yourself by contacting Game Forgery everyday demanding the original amount back. Surely Ike there is a law against this kind of BS? hehe if not there should be. GL getting unbanned AND getting your dollars back Coopsy!

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Surely Ike there is a law against this kind of BS?


Ummm, extortion/racketteering/kidnapping/fraud?Give us your cash or we'll break your legs/the account "get's it"!


Seriously though Coops, that sucks majorly.

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I PM'd Igs & he replied:


Anestty got banned because he had commander on this account and then he got a new account and bought commander there - the GO mixed up the payment order and he got banned for multy :S its all being fixed.

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I had commander for a month or two a while ago...then I tried to resign for the 3-month dealy and they never charged my card or gave it to me...they oughta ban themselves for throwing money away :D

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Surely Ike there is a law against this kind of BS?




Major ROFL! :D Now Coops is kidnapped. >_>


I am about to get real upset at GF. For the record, I have never paid GameForge a cent. I have played about 5 commander accounts, but commander was purchased by the player before I was given the account. I never renew the subscription. ^^ Commander is nice for probing, but it only saves about 1 minute per mass probe. (If you have FoxGame/ NeoGame, and are proficient at probing and using tab.) I recommend not giving them any money. However, If they take away officers, I will but commander. :viking:

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Good god! I go away for a coupla days, get back to find Coops is perma banned and kidnapped, GF have turned to the German Maffia to make more money from the players and somehow Download is 2nd again. Maybe if I go away again for a couple more days things will revert to normal.


GL getting it sorted Coops. Make a pain in the arse of yourself to get back you're money!

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Ughh - Thanks for the show of support all - here is the latest -


I received a refund to the Visa account on Saturday - Have sent the extra money to some random account in Germany

(that was not easy to do - and expensive to boot) and have heard not a thing since - 3 days now since my last email from them - I am utterly gutted and suffering from 'O Withdraws' and generally just like - Holy Hannah! is going on. What annoys me most is they admit it was an error - yet they cant simply take commander away and un-ban me?


( by the way - took over 2 weeks for them to refund an amount they say was never paid due to system error >_> )


This is just crazy stuff -

Edited by Anestty
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Well, we are all behind you!




You can have my account if you want it. Only caveat is I need to send 3 moonshots to Beowulf. Not much of a fleet, but great planets/moons. :blush:

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I wonder what would happen if a few of us all changed some planets or moons to be named Free Anestty ?


*G* I just changed my moon's name in 5 to Free Anestty

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