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I can name those who helped you behind the scenes;)


I sent that email to Koop, he is CoMa of a few other communities, including Ogame.de. He said he will see it gets looked into. He sent me an email earlier this morning that the issue is under investigation.


The guy you talked to is WeTeHa - another CoMa I know well. I am glad it worked out;)


Anestty, good for you regarding the account!


And Cassandra, it's awesome seeing you back here again! Thanks for the insight and info into ogame's actions into this.


Beer and Oj's waiting for everyone at the bar...oh yeah and milk for Ike






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Yes! :D This is truly wonderful news. Thank you much for the help Cass, and good job all of the PAWNZ and D.a.r.k. team for working together on this. Another noble feat.


Now, go get those lost points back by crashing a few fleets mate! ^^


Now I am considering commander again, my fear is gone away. xD

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Well all is sorted now - My rank is back to normal, and all is well.


It was huge sigh of relief and things are a little clearer now. Here is how it panned out.


I had basicly given up - then along came Kiki - who contacted Cassasndra for me, and orginised me to speak with her in IRC.


Cassandra - as I have said - was amazing. Listened to what I had to say, and for the first time since this began, I felt something may happen. It was a heady feeling after so much frustration. I now know Cassandra contacted a friend of hers, Koop ( a CoMa ) - with my concerns. At rougly the same time - I called Germany from Australia, and spoke to another CoMa, WeTeHa - who was very friendly and helpful. Shortly after I was unbanned.


So to Kiki, Cassandra, Koop and WeTeHa - A very big and heartfelt thankyou.


I would also like to again thank all of you. This thread has made the whole ordeal a lot more bearable. Knowing I had support out there was important, and what support I had. Many, many good wishes and messages, people changing planet names etc, offers of money to pay, the list goes on.


I try to walk away from things with being negitive. At times this was a challange, but I bear no hard feelings. The main problem for me was the lack of any kind of imformation, and the incredibly slow responses. Everytime I recieved any emails, it was simply a paste from the FAQ section of Game Pays website. Stuff anyone can read. I still do not know what actually happened, and so can take no steps to make sure it wont happen again. Even when more money was demanded, there was no information on where or how to pay it. Maybe these things could be looked at in some way.


Anyway, for me it is now over. WoooTa. Thanks for this thread Ike and FDM. :D

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I only contacted a few persons and nagged them;)


I am glad I could help:)


I remembered this thread when earlier this week, two of my real life brothers were banned (unfairly without a doubt) for account sharing. I know for an absolute fact, the two of them have never, ever shared their accounts. Perhaps you could help my brothers out of this, like you helped Anestty when caught in the Red Tape of the O-bureaucracy?

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depends on the situation and the go. some are knowledgeable on networks, some are not and subsequently rely on the answers their management tools provide.


from my experience, I was wrongfully banned due to floating ips at home, sat inet with floating ip at work and using cellcard that had floating ip. didn't help that they all had locations thousand miles apart. on trips to see gf in cali also generated a few more different ips along with motels used along the trip.


I had been doing same for months with no issues, then all of a sudden a ban. my assumption is that someone reported me for being on too much and/or didn't like my rate of growth. then I got banned again and cleared again even with notes on my account. I think it was 'the cat' I dealt with on the first one, unsure on second. clearing it up was a case of having the right info to make clear that I knew all about network setup of all systems that I used. if the first doesn't work, then is a matter of finding right go or sgo that understands enough so that it is clear that one is in the right.


knowing the right people to get right information on networks is the key ;)

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Aye. This isn't my first go-around with GO's or SGO's, but this time it is somewhat personal - with RL friends. (And this time, I know it was wrong... the GO keeps insisting they did not respect the rules, when they did respect and obey them.)

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