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Ike [D.a.r.k.] vs. Ghost Rider [Purple Dead]


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Ike has returned to the open. A couple of hours before my fleet hit I ran up the Jolly Roger . . . or more specifically renamed my account to Ike. :drinks: The story of this hit, with which many of you have some familiarity is a long one. It all started with NINJA: [MFPA] teh pwnerer v Swedish [Jesus], which I noticed just after adam2510 finally left Uni 9 and I was preparing to give up my iIi account and leave oGame for good . . . again. After my old account got crashed it went inactive and I decided that I needed to do something to revitalize interest in Uni 9 and get my old account into shape again. So I took it back after I came back from a week in Italy.


I figured that it would take approximately 1500-2000 Colony Ships to HoF someone with a basic HoFfable fleet. And of course, Spankodon was my primary target, with the #1 account in terms of rank and fleet, and a long history of animosity from me. I started out by building cargos and sats to get my production back in shape. It took about a week to get production running at full and have enough cargos to move the res from planets to moons and then moons to central collection twice a day. Once production was ready I started to buy Crystal, much of it from Firefly, and some Deuterium . . . also mostly from Firefly. The building of Colony Ships took a lot of time. After about a month I was up to 1400. At the time, Spanky was pretty inactive and he left several HoFfable fleets out, one of which was within my range in G5. I figured I would need 1700 Colony Ships to take it, with some IPM help from Ankhanu. So I put out an urgent call for res sales and donations and Anestty and several D.a.r.k. members came through with donations and trades. I built another 300 Colony Ships in 20 hours, quite a feat based on the pathetic state of my Nanites and wide distribution of planets. However, I checked the next day and he had built more LF and I needed another 200-300 Colony Ships (around 2000 total) in order to do it. I started building again and got 2000 by the next day, only to find that he had moved his LFs. :( In part this may have been because of Arianna and Blade HoFfing him in the same day. :P


So I have spent the last six months waiting and watching. Upgrading my Nanites, mines, and research and helping DiO and Beowulf with some hits. In addition, after two tries I got a moon on my attack planet, equidistant between Spanky's Main and one of his G1 moons and in IPM range of both. Now it appears that Spanky might be leaving again and he has taken to coming online in the middle of the night, perhaps after repeated attacks I have made against him. :) In addition, he is not leaving HoFfable fleets around anymore. :D So, when I saw this fleet, I knew I had to go for it.


Yesterday I noticed activity on Ghost Rider's planet, right next to Spanky's Main and I phalanxed to see 1667 LF inbound from NEW. Unfortunately, there were only 23 minutes remaining, so no time to grab the DF. However, I checked back later to see if any more moonshots were inbound and I saw this fleet heading to a local DF at 20%, around 13-14 hour round trip. I spied the planet and Raksimmed the defenses and SpeedSimmed the fleet and decided to go for it. With DiO's help I got a list of Ghost Rider's planets and I pinged them all to see his fleets and he traded me 1 MM in deuterium and got it to my Moon just in time that I did not have to stop research on Impulse 12 or stop building Lunar Base 6. I was able to account for all but ~ 1600 ships and there were none in the air in G1. So I did all of the calculations on what to send and when to send it and how to get it all to my attack Moon along with the necessary resources to send 200 IPMs.


After 184 IPMs his planet was laid bare. I built additional IPMs to take care of any defenses built in the morning when he came online. An hour and thirty-five minutes before impact activity showed up on his Main and shortly thereafter, on this planet. Instead of moving res from neighboring planets or building recs to try to grab part of the DF, he just started building defenses. So I nuked them. As you can see [below] I emptied my silos right before the hit just to make sure no more defenses appeared and so that I could build ABMs in case of an attempted return hit. Ships were sent at a variety of speeds to all arrive at the right place at the right time.




Recs arrived within 1 second of the second attack.




Attacker Ike

Weapons: 140% Shields: 140% Armour: 140%



Colony Ship 2000 (Lost = 0)






Defender Ghost Rider

Weapons: 140% Shields: 140% Armour: 140%



Large Cargo 80 (Lost = 52)

Light Fighter 1667 (Lost = 1662)

Recycler 73 (Lost = 45)

Espionage Probe 3 (Lost = 3)

Solar Satelite 400 (Lost = 400)



The battle ended in a draw, both fleets withdraw to their home planets.


The attacker lost a total of 0 units.

The defender lost a total of 8,795,000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 1,724,400 metal and 914,100 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 20%


The enormous amounts of free metal and crystal draw together and form a moon around the planet.


The attacker has won the battle! He captured

835,281 metal, 273,598 crystal, and 50,965 deuterium


The attacker lost a total of 0 units.

The defender lost a total of 804,000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 138,900 metal and 102,300 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 2%


The attacker has won the battle! He captured

417,645 metal, 136,801 crystal, and 25,484 deuterium


The attacker has won the battle! He captured

208,834 metal, 68,405 crystal, and 12,745 deuterium


The attacker has won the battle! He captured

104,426 metal, 34,206 crystal, and 6375 deuterium


The attacker has won the battle! He captured

52,220 metal, 17,106 crystal, and 3190 deuterium



Your 166 Recyclers have a total capacity of 3,320,000.

At the target, 1,863,300 metal and 1,023,600 crystal are floating in space.

You have harvested 1,863,300 metal and 1,023,600 crystal.


I'll post on the OoF this evening.

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Ike, LOL...I never get tired of reading about your exploits...and this one has to take the cake...not only do we get a great romp through some ogame history but ALSO a hoff with colony ships?





Is nothing not doable?



GraTZ on the accomplishment, too bad the spankodon was missed but this is almost just as good.


And here's to the hosting of the Ike Flag again!








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Haha, awesome hit Ike, so glad to see you finally pulled this one off.

Guess that no matter how impossible something looks in ogame you can rest assure that ike will find a way to accomplish that task.


You really need to post this on the oboard as soon as possible. :D


Once again great hit and much respect. :drinks:

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:ninja: Ike .. Ike .. What to say to this, this isn't normal, its scary .. weird and just .. nuts!? .. hoffing with colony ships that actually goes through with no losses .. on a PD :blink:
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