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Weirdest or grossest thing you have eaten


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Well for me as a kid the turning point was:

The geese were running around freely, and they come to the farmer when he arrived with food. But the ones close to be slaughtered and made experience with force feeding already were running away (or at least tried to flee at full speed which was sometimes more a crawling because the legs wee to weak to carry the weight) when the wife came to force-feed them. It may have been that they aren't hurt or feel pain when force feeding them, but for me as a kid: there tries to escape in difference to the younger geese which run to the food was such a difference in behaviour that I said to myself that this can't be right.


I shoot animals, even dogs, myself. I have no fun to do it. And I feel plain hate to people who buy a young dog and set it free when its grown up because they have noone to care for it at holidays. Each year there are like 30-40 dogs set free at the autobahn resting place other side of the forest. Most of them are used to people and come if you feed them. But some, probably tortured by former owners, run away from people and hunt wild and farm animals. They have to be shot. I allways bring them to police and hope for a tattoo or chip to find the owner. And I am cruel enough to hope that the whole sledgehammer of justice hits: unlicensed hunting in a nature reservoir (the dog is hunting and they are the owner), no rope, failing to proof that the dog has all injections before entering a nature park, ...


I do slaughtering and butchering myself, but I was taught as a young kid to show respect to the animals we eat and I couldn't see it with the geese. For me the perfect slaughtering is when a farmer has tears in his eyes when calling a pig and the pig arrives with a happy oinking and feeds on an apple while it is shot. I even think that this so called animal friendly killing made as a law is cruel: to seduce it before it is shot. The more time an animal has to detect that something is wrong, the more cruel it is. So making pigs run into a truck, driving them 200 miles to a slaughterhouse, ... they are full of panic

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I actually had the opportunity to taste foie grass last week at the restaurant, (an order that was cancelled when it was already prepared) and everyone else fell on the foie grass instantly. The Headchef cut it into equal parts for everyone to taste, I still just refused, and they were shocked! :blink:

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Many years ago I went to Turkey. My friends and I went to this small restaurant and were the only ones there ( we should have seen the signs ! )It was a small village and was the only place open, btw.


I asked what he ( the waiter) recommended and he said a local made stew, so we went for it. It was the most horrible stuff I've ever eaten. To this day, I don't know what was in it, and I don't want to know. The worst thing was, that the guy sat at our table, so we couldn't exactly refuse to eat it ! It was like mouthful after mouthful of chewy gristle and fat or cartilage. Geez, it was all I could do not to throw up right there at the table.


The rest of the week we went to a McDonalds we found in a larger town ! So much for trying out the local cuisine, lol !


Steve. :)

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