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Sharkeyboy Welcomes You All...

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sharkeyboy    0

hey D.A.R.K.


This is Sharkeyboy, Founder of Airdrie Boys (server 2) just saying hey. I'm also a player in server 1 and in ogame so PM me in game if u see me!


just a little note to mention that we are now allies! any trade routes or team hits or paid hits (obviously not just now, but later... later... :devil2[1]: ) just PM me or one of my guys, or stick a note in the forum.


also, pop in to our forum n sign the book!




The Shark

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Guest gogoblender   
Guest gogoblender

Welcome to Darkmatters Sharkeyboy!

The friendliest cornet on the net!

A great way to meet some of the community is perhaps by makin a thread in the introductions area of this site so that peeps know what kinds of drinks ta buy ya!

Of course, after that, it's a simple trip down to the bar to get the benefits, lol

Cheers and welcome once again!




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