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Ike [D.a.r.k.] vs. FMX198 [thorns]

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Got bored waiting around for Spanky to screw up -- he did, last night, but I was not ready due to forgetting to recall FS ontime yesterday. :) Decided I would scout around and see where I could burn a few MM deuterium in return for lots-o-crystal. Came across this little gem and figured a decent chance a turtle like this would not be too active, so I jumped fleet and recs, launched recs, waited for return of FS with deuterium, launched fleet at 70% Recs were about 38 minutes behind fleet. That's two more RIPs worth of res. :D




Attacker Ike



Cruiser 10850 (Lost = 375)

Battleship 1071 (Lost = 4)

Bomber 105 (Lost = 0)

Destroyer 3450 (Lost = 1)

Battle Cruiser 1600 (Lost = 5)







Defender FMX198



Large Cargo 437

Light Fighter 383

Cruiser 1027

Battleship 13

Recycler 14

Espionage Probe 16

Solar Satelite 8586

Battlecruiser 140


Rocket Launcher 20,656

Light Laser 3708

Heavy Laser 225

Gauss Cannon 208

Ion Cannon 25

Plasma Turret 101

Small Shield 1

Large Shield 1



The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

220,855 metal, 40,038 crystal, and 862,568 deuterium


The attacker lost a total of 10,715,000 units.

The defender lost a total of 125,505,000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 10,453,800 metal and 9,943,800 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 0%




Your 1100 Recyclers have a total capacity of 22,000,000.

At the target, 10,453,800 metal and 9,945,600 crystal are floating in space.

You have harvested 10,453,800 metal and 9,945,600 crystal.


Deuterium cost = 2.9 MM (fleet) and 200K (recs).

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very strange fleet composition there by the defender. enjoy the profit ike!!

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lol, had to read those crystal numbers twice... as locutus posted, it's so rare that peeps still have those floating around.


Great Haul here Ike







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