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Ike [D.a.r.k.] vs. Kovalsky [Purple D.] V


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Well this went a lot more smoothly than my first Spanky moon destruction. A lot cheaper too! After moving my fleet back from the first attack colony I deleted the planet and dropped a new colony next to one of Spanky's more frequently-used moons. Due to it being in a high-traffic area, I thought it best to get a moon there as well. Got one on the third try [thanks to trd and JaFoste] and gave out a pair of moons to boot. :P


Spanky then moved his fleet to the moon and prevented an attack. However, then he started to be all sneaky and FS his fleet from his moon to the DF using RIPs. At first he did this at 20% (~3.5 hours) but a couple of times -- when I was not prepared -- he did a 10% FS (~7 hours). That would be enough for me to launch and destroy the moon while he was on FS and thus strand his fleet in G1 -- 200 SS or 1 Galaxy from his nearest JG. Sadly, as I noted, I missed a recall on my FS the one time I could have really taken advantage of this and it was too late to launch by the time my RIPs returned.


The next day, I made sure my FS returned in time and I launched 12 waves toward him (6 to G1 and 6 to G3). However, he came online late and saw them, so I recalled. An hour later he went into (v) mode. He came out for a few hours two days later and then popped back in. Two days later, with my RIPs at the ready, he came back out. I checked and his fleet was at 1:458, so that night I launched six waves of four RIPs each (14% chance to destroy moon and 46% chance to lose RIPs) and none of the RIPs died and the moon survived. :Just_Cuz_21: Go ahead and do the math on the probability of THAT happening.


So I sent the RIPs on a day-and-a-half FS and prepared for today. Around 18:00 server time I decided to send six waves of four RIPs each at his G3 moon in the hopes he would move his fleet (which was back at 1:234:13). He came online a couple of hours later and sent: Hello! To which I replied: Howdy! but did not recall. An hour or so later I saw activity on 1:234:13 and 3:88:4. I went out to the movies and returned just after the system reset. No activity on his Main since the reset, so I probed around for his fleet. Nowhere in sight. I assumed he jumped it to 3:88:4 and sent it on a FS to catch my RIPs, but there was also the possibility that he split it and was going to try to :hugs: both fleets. So I recalled the lead wave going to 1:234:13 and sent a probe to arrive two seconds before the lead wave would have arrived.


I was overjoyed when the probe showed no fleet. I was ecstatic when I went to Galaxy view and saw NO MOON! Guess I'll just wait and see what happens in G3, RIPs are still enroute. :(


Wave 2


Your fleet from planet Goodbye lil (Moon) [1:234:14] arrived at the moon of the planet on [1:234:13] of VENTRILOQUIST. Your deathstar aims its alternating graviton shock cannon at the satellite. At first, light quakes increasingly build up on the surface of the moon. The moon begins to deform and is torn apart. Gigantic chunks of rubble come flying towards your fleet. It is too late to evade them. Your entire fleet is obliterated in a hail of rubble.

Moon destruction chance: 14% DS destruction chance: 46%




I thought I saved a list of buildings on the moon, but I can't find it. There was at least a JG, Level 4 Phalanx, and I think Level 5 Lunar Base.


- Ike

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It's one thing to wipe out a guys moon when he doesn't know your coming, but when he is aware of your attempts and you still did what you did !

What can I say...


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