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Ike [D.a.r.k.] vs. Rayden [thorns]


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I was scanning the area looking for something to crash, preferably with Crystal or Deuterium-a-plenty. I saw this fleet sitting on a moon. I checked his Main and there was a *. "Grrrrrr," I thought. But I did a quick SIM to see how many BCs and recs I would need and jumped some fleet and recs. I tried to launch recs, but no DF. I did not want to probe/attack-probe for fear of alerting him if he was online. But after about 10-15 minutes I checked and there was a 15 min on his Main. So I launched BC and three waves of cargos . . . then got lagged for about 5 minutes . . . and launched two more waves of cargos and my recs.


I watched, but no more activity. Fleet hit, three waves of cargos hit, and then he came online and removed the last 200K of deuterium and 50K of crystal. Fortunately, he did not try to build recs and grab the DF. He sent a note that his dog had just attacked their backroom. :) Good boy, Rover! I wish Rayden GLOTR.





Attacker Ike



Battlecruiser 300






Defender Rayden



Small Cargo 206

Large Cargo 162

Cruiser 91

Battleship 38

Recycler 27

Espionage Probe 30



The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

58,886 metal, 83,057 crystal, and 83,057 deuterium


The attacker lost a total of 0 units.

The defender lost a total of 7,967,000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 1,555,200 metal and 834,900 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 0%




The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

19,443 metal, 235,432 crystal, and 839,672 deuterium


9721 metal, 117,716 crystal, and 419,837 deuterium


4861 metal, 58,858 crystal, and 209,918 deuterium




Your 150 Recyclers have a total capacity of 3,000,000.

At the target, 1,555,200 metal and 835,200 crystal are floating in space.

You have harvested 1,555,200 metal and 835,200 crystal.

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