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What's the weather like over there?

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Hey folks! :lol:


In this topic you can tell use what's the weather like in the place where you are at the moment. :D


Looking forward to your answers.



It's horrible here now. Raining, and the sky is grey. It was sunny a few hours ago though.

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-____- goes to pool #4 and starts splashing there :lol: ...J/k we only have one and now I have a jello problem



hmmm... when I started to concider getting a canadian chef over here and evrything... might ask someone else then :D


edit: lol! I forgot to press space between words!

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overcast, cold, drippy, drizzly...


hate you guys







Same here in a US state to your south .. *bleh* *yuck*

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Same as gogo here and I second Genenut's "bleh yuck"! It HAD been forecasted that today would be very sunny... *catapults hate mail at weather dude*

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prior two nights, had 1-2in of snow, down below freezing at the rig. 70deg fahrenheit during the day at the house.


just waiting to hookup and start two swamp coolers atm, already got boiler shut down for infloor heating at house.

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Beautiful sunny autumn weather here in Sydney.


Warm day 23°C and night was a chilly 7°C. This is my favourite time of the year :yay:



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I like rainy days as well as sunny days... I really enjoyed California sun, but some moist isn't that bad either.


Anyway, its very moist during spring here, 89% humidity, rainy.

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same yucky *bleh* weather as yesterday.... and the forecast for this week doesnt look any better .... looks like intermitent flood watches all over the county will remain for this week too ...

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look's ok from where it sit... to lazy to go and chek, guess what? I am home from france and I am sour power himself for it :4rofl:


not to mention I got a math exsam I forgotten about TOMORROW and I cant manage to read stuff that bores me... u know I think I dont need pills to puke... I can just think of algebra! :butcher:

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