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Well, I know I've been absent lately and it's time to explain why. At first I was somewhat busy with university stuff, but after that I went on vacation to Rome. Two lovely weeks in the eternal city which were really nice. :D


Now I'm back and I should get somewhat active again, though I still have uni stuff (read exams :cow_white: ).


And guess it would be nice of me to share some of my pictures from my vacation, so here are some of them. I might upload more, but picking the nicest ones out of 2000+ pictures is really tedious work so this bunch will have to do for now. :)

(also as I was writing this post some pics were still uploading so you might want to refresh later on if you opened the page right away).


Clicky here to receive pics :D


P.s.: happy now, pantless french maid guy? >_<

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ha, good pics :D I been in Rome twice :cow_white: bought a sword there once ^__^


lol I remember before secund time I went there I watched ben-hur and gladiator a couple times to ''chek'' if some buildings still stood :D



as I said rly good pictures :)

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Woot, great seeing ya back Indy!





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