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Dark Knights pays RoL a visit

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We had a really nice session yesterday where we farmed RoL for gear with great success - cant wait to party with you all again :D:D :P


Members were stickem, nogood, diphda, enci and me :P


Here are some screenshots












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Wonderful you guys! A pure Dark party. So nice to see! :P

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Yee haw, that sounds awesome, guys.


The pics are great!




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Deffinetly much more fun to play among friends and when I'm the only Leather user it works out well hehe I got 3 of the 5 pieces in lamenting in that session and I now have 4 of 5 just workin on the helmet!


So I can't wait to get back into RoL with you all,



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yeah it was a really nice Rol, we farmed many parts, now I've completed the set but I wanna keep going when u want ;P

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